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'Trust is Power'

Duracell is the world's leading battery company. Founded in 1916, Duracell has revolutionized the battery market and world. Creating longer lasting and more environmentally friendly batteries has been their top priority since they were founded. Having only a limited amount of primary products, their primary goal has always been allowing you to empower yourself as well as others. This has been the focus of their marketing campaigns for the past several years.

Connecting with others

One of Duracell's primary goals is to connect people with others. Duracell prides themselves over being one of the few companies that do physical marketing campaigns all over the world with the focus on bettering peoples lives. An example for this extraordinary technique can be seen below.

Our New Campaign - Help us Help Them

Peru has recently experienced one of the most terrible floods in recent times. Thousands of people and hectares of land have been affected so far. As a result, electricity and power supplies have been cut, leaving people in the dark and without heating or access to water. 'Help us Help them' (HHT) has been introduced in order to aid and suppress the effects Peru has felt due to these floods. HHT will be incorporated within our other present campaigns to get the word and support out as soon as possible.

Social Media Usage

Throughout the past years Social Media has established itself as one of the most powerful tools a company can use for publicity. It connects to millions and even billions of people all over the world through the click of a button. No wonder multinational companies have tapped into this wide resource to sell and market their products. Duracell has been one of the bigger players in the social media market. Their advertisements and social stunts have been seen almost everywhere around the world. Stunts that are filmed, uploaded and then discussed on social media outlets are one of their most powerful marketing tools. An example is given below.

Duracell and past usages of social media

Duracell promotes their batteries by posting videos on frequently visited sites such as YouTube and Facebook. The above mentioned video “Moments of Warmth” has been viewed more than 400.000 times a week, supporting sales immensely. Without social media and marketing, the success of their battery would not be the same.

The foregoing video is another recent example of their strategy. Duracell contacted famous NFL player Patrick Willies, who played for the San Francisco 49ers’, to play as head actor in their new commercial video. This video ended up being one of the most famous videos ever in Duracell's marketing history. Through mentioning well known and often searched terms such as “Duracell”, “NFL” and “Patrick Willies” in the title, they were able to gain more clicks. Adding a powerful and rememberable slogan “trust your power” let their message stick in the minds of viewers . Further the team added extensions which send them interested people to their website and social media pages. This way the popularity and awareness of the brand was boosted .

Interestingly the popularity of the video did not kick off as planned and it only gained 3500 views during the first weeks. After analyzing consumer and website user behavior Duracell was able to find a perfect strategy of when and where to post/share the video. The change in strategy resulted in an increase to 2.009.000 views in just 3 weeks. This example shows that social media has to be used in a correct way in order to be effective, no matter how big the brand is.

The Social Media Strategy - HHT

Duracell is planning on using various channels to spread the word about what is happening in Peru.

The company owned website ( has to be the main anchor of the social media campaign. Through our website we can link every other internet based activity of our campaign, such as our microblog, the online community and our YouTube videos. In order to attract as much traffic as possible to our website we have to make use of search engine optimization (SEO). Through using as many keywords regarding batteries and Peru and gaining backlinks through mentions on other websites, Duracell will be able to be more dominant in the search engine marketing (SEM) sector.

Another important channel is a microblog. A microblog is a smaller version of a blog, allowing the creator to share shorter, more “to the point” content such as single sentences, single images or video links. In our case a microblog would be more favorable than a normal blog, as our campaign is focused on Peru. In order to move people to support our cause images, short sentences and videos are the best way to reach people and describe what we are fighting for. The videos will as well be posted on YouTube. A platform which is perfect to spread meaningful content. Videos are one of the most powerful instruments within the flow of information in the past years. Duracell has made it one of their primary goals to utilize video sharing as one of their main instruments. It will be used again in this situation by creating short movies about Duracell's presence in this disaster and the effects the customers have created by purchasing Duracell. This will be helpful as it will allow customers to experience in real time how we are working together to create a better world.

Building an online community is an important point of our social media strategy. It is important as it allows our customers to comment on the current situation and give us feedback on the measures we have taken to support the Peru. We think that this is an interactive as well as engaging way to spread the word about what is happening.

Sending power

Along with this we wish to implement a monetary support chain for Peru. For every battery sold, 2 cents to the Peru Support Foundation which is currently involved with aiding Peruvians in getting rehabilitated. This will be done through from April 5th 2017 onwards up until May 5th 2017. Through an online fund it will be able to directly support this cause, without buying a product.

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