Burlap and Lace A GlIMPSe at the love story of Cheyenne and Rob

I have known Rob for years. Honestly, so long I couldn't even tell you when we met. We both went through the local 4H programs, as well as the same college for Agriculture Business after high school graduation. When I was hired to photograph his wedding, I was so excited! Having that personal tie to the couple was a great touch, and really helped to capture some emotion into the photos, more so than normal!

The reception location was at the gorgeous Eagle Lodge in downtown Miles City Montana. The lodge had an amazing vintage feel, with original hardwood floors, an abundance of natural light spilling in from the windows and overall had a very romantic and intimate feel.

When you walked up the stairs to the reception, you entered in to a foyer with some simple, elegant decor that really characterized the feel of Rob & Cheyenne's big day.

Refurbished vintage elements, such as this door help to polish off the vintage feel, combined with old milk canisters and floral arrangements really set the mood for the foyer.
I was awestruck. I never knew the Eagle has such a gorgeous dance hall, it truly was spectacular.
Burlap and lace are key elements to a rustic wedding.

Once you walked through the foyer, there were two doors entering the reception area, and also a location for you to sign the guest book, and drop your gifts off.

Entering the reception area, it was breath taking. Natural light is spilling into the room, illuminating her lace, burlap and flowers unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was truly breathtaking.

After walking through the foyer and into the reception hall, my eyes were immediately drawn to the vintage chairs that were seated down the middle of the reception area. These chairs were original to the Eagle, and just were stunning. I absolutely love these chairs, they made the area feel vintage, chic and romantic. The chairs were the most gorgeous shade of turquoise and orange I had ever seen. I instantly fell in love with them, and fell even harder for this location.

After my love story with the chairs, I was drawn into the bar area. They bar was situated with a vintage metal basin, which held ice with water for the guests. The combination of the floral arrangements, the lights and the vintage basin really drew me in, and helped polish of the vintage, rustic feel the Bride was going for.

Rustic metal basin to hold iced water for the guests.

On either side of the room, there were lights with white tulle, and white balloons with twine strings. Both accents really helped complete the look.

Notice the vintage heaters that ran along the side walls of the reception area? I loved every detail of this location, and to me those vintage heaters helped draw everything together to create a chic wedding style.
Large white balloons, with twine strings help capture the rustic chic of this Montana wedding.

At the front of the reception area, we had our head table and the wedding cake. Both were just perfect.

The cake topper was from the Bride's parents wedding, a beginning of a beautiful tradition.

Moving to the final piece that tied this space together, the head table for the bridal party. The Bride and Groom had matching goblets, with lace and burlap accents. The centerpieces were some gorgeous rustic baskets, and the flowers for the wedding were daisys.

The bridal party was getting ready in the basement of The Eagle, which provided some amazing lighting, and helped tie together her chic wedding. The bridesmaids wore denim blazers, with lace skirts and western boots. Their hair and makeup was completed by Lacey Tennant of Glendive Montana.

The groom got ready in a separate location at The Eagle, and he wore denim jeans, western boots, a wool vest with a black silk scarf. His grooms men wore white western shirts, black silk scarves and denim jeans with boots.

We did our photographs of the bridal party before the ceremony, which gave us the opportunity for a first look photo. I told Cheyenne my plans, but kept Rob in the dark. I set him up outside, told him I was taking some test shots and had instructed Cheyenne to come out moments after I stepped outside, which gave us these memorable photographs, that they will cherish for a lifetime.

What I loved about this first look, was we get to see Rob's reaction, without him having any idea she was coming out. It helped capture the true emotion between the couple, and to save that moment for eternity.

Rob and Cheyenne share a beautiful baby boy, and I have had the honor of documenting his little life, from maternity photos, to newborn photos and now mom and dad's big day. G man hates me, but that is okay, he will come to love me, maybe.

The bride and her bridal party rode to the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage, provided by Big Sky Shires of Glendive Montana. The carriage brought the Bride down Main street of Miles City, past the historical district and arrived at the park with the class and elegance of a Montana Bride.

The ceremony was held in downtown Miles City, at Riverside Park. The location was perfect for this couple, and really helped to set the stage for their chic wedding. The white gazebo served as the perfect location for the couple to take their vows, in a truly emotional and heart felt ceremony.

After the ceremony, I was able to sneak the newlyweds away for some more photos, where we were able to incorporate the Tongue River Bridge, as well as the horse and carriage.

After we were done with the horse and carriage we moved to the bridge, where we got some of my favorite wedding portraits to date.

At the reception, the food was amazing. We had fresh beef cheese burgers, hot dogs and home made salads and sides. The food was just like home, and was amazing. Everything was delicious, and was some of the best wedding food I have ever had.

We had an amazing time, the celebration afterwords was to die for, with laughing, singing, dancing and of course, CAKE!

The ceremony was drawing to a close and it was amazing.

It was an amazing day, a day full of love, family and faith. Down to every last detail, this wedding was amazing. All the little things that went wrong, you would never know. I have never laughed so hard as when Rob was running around looking for his pants 30 minutes to picture time! I will never forget this wedding...

The Wedding was great. It was an amazing experience, and if you missed it, you truly missed out on an amazing day.

Photographer | Victoria Shoopman Photography, Williston North Dakota

Hair and Makeup | Lacey Tennant, Glendive Montana

Cake | Reynolds Bakery Miles City MT

Dress | David's Bridal

Dress Designer | Billy Hubbell

Wedding Decorations | Brown family of Miles City MT and Stortz family of Lindsay MT


Victoria Shoopman Photography

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