Digital Editing 5 finals and evaluation

'The last of us'
  • For my base layer i started with an image of Buchanan street in Glasgow, the original image's sky was slightly over exposed and held no detail so i incorporated a sunset in and with the eraser tool i removed any part of the image that had spilled over onto the buildings which i named (main clouds) but there was a small area at the top right which was still showing behind to the original sky so i created a small patch from another image taken of the same sunset and named the layer (cloud patch). I then moved forward and added a new layer which was the stars and again with the eraser tool i removed any part of the image which was overlaying the buildings and then changed the opacity down to 52% which gave me a good balance from the stars and the sunset. For the final layer i added a figure into the left hand side which again i used the opacity tool and brought it down to 90% which was enough to still show trough but still hold a good shape, i also added motion blur the the layer to give it the effect of being ghostly.
'All the small things'
  • For my base layer i started with an image of the plastic cup and the glass ball, because of the shape of the ball i had to first take a picture of the bottom proportion being in focus and then the second layer is the same cup and ball but with the top in focus i then added a gradient filter to the image to bring the background tone down slightly. For the final layer i shot myself in the studio and then added it into the middle of the ball and i added a Spherize distortion filter to wrap the hand round more to give it the effect of me actually being stuck inside the ball.
'Take back the city'
  • For my base layer i started with an image of the milky way, for the second layer I shot a fellow students hands in the studio and with the quick selection tool I cut out the part of the hands that i needed for the final image, I also change the opacity to 80% to allow some detail the stars to appear on the hands. The final layer was the most challenging layer to get right, I had to position the image in such a way that i could fit in as much detail as possible and scale it down slightly to fit inside the hands changing the opacity for the next step helped a lot with getting the correct amount removed with the eraser tool, very carefully I went round the hands and removed the city so that it gives the appearance of actually being in the hands.
'Open your eyes'
  • For my base layer i started with a image of another class mate and cropped the image so it was just the eyes in the shot. The second, third and fourth layers were all assembled in the same way, using the quick selection tool i selected the area that i wanted and cut it out and pasted into the base layer. I also made the fourth layer in full colour as oppose to the black and white layers below it. Using the eraser tool i set the opacity to 50% and went over all the area's of the image that had city scape's and then finally i blended the edges of all the layers.
'Rear view mirror'
  • For my final image I first started with an image of a balcony that i had taken at a wedding. I then moved forward and shot a class mate in the studio holding a board and using the quick selection tool I carefully cut him out and brought him onto the base layer, I chose to have the first two layers in black and white to make the third layer stand out more. The third layer consists of a sunset that I had shot and I brought the image into the main layers and using the eraser tool I got rid of any part of the image that I did not need and for the final layer i used the paint brush tool to create a border around the outside of the sunset so it looked more like a mirror.



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