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I love getting mail, don't you?!

Who doesn't love that thrill when you notice an envelope from a friend nestled in amongst all your monthly bills? You know how your breath catches slightly and a smile appears on your face at the unexpected pleasure? It's like a gift, welcome and surprising, with a hint of the mysterious.

It feels intimate and, more and more these days, slightly old fashioned. And, that's the charm in it, isn't it, that connection across the miles with someone who thought of you and wanted to share a little of themselves?

In this age of connectedness through e-mail, tweets, and texting, Facebook and Instagram, we seem, as individuals, to be living lives of increased loneliness and isolation.

What if you could experience the simple pleasure of connection with another human being once a month?

What if you could slow down the hectic pace of your life for a few precious moments and be transported to a country farm on the Canadian prairies? Read of a day spent tending a small flock of laying hens, or walking the dog in the fields while cats romp and frolic in the tall grass?

Sit with me as I share the events of a quiet day, punctuated only by birdsong, lowing cattle, and a distant train whistle.

Subscribe to receive a greeting card in the mail from me once a month with a handwritten note enclosed, inspired by that days' events, written on my illustrated stationery. Also tucked inside, are gifts enclosed expressly for your pleasure - a set of illustrated bookmarks, greeting cards, or some other item designed to delight you.

It's an ideal gift for yourself - or for someone you know - who enjoys receiving regular visits from a friend through the mail.

Subscribe for 1 month, 6 months or a full year.

Choose a 12 month subscription and also receive a complimentary Thank You Gift of an illustrated desk calendar with the December mailing, valued at $48.

(*Purchased separately, the contents of a 12 month subscription would total over $250 in value. Your investment is only $180!)

"Being invited to play changes everything. Invite. Play." Kathryn Schuth

Will you accept my invitation?

Perhaps, you'd like to hear a little bit about me first.

I'm a transplanted city girl living in a 100 year old farmhouse on the Canadian prairies with my husband, our dog, 2 cats, and a small flock of laying hens. Surrounded by farmer's fields, we enjoy the company of grazing cattle, a resident fox, deer, and the occasional skunk that wanders through our yard. Meadowlarks and coyotes serenade us on a daily basis. I am a watercolour illustrator and photographer who loves using the creative power of words to conjure up mental images. I live my life in awe of nature with all her grace and majesty and I am always on the lookout for magic and mystery, with a touch of the whimsical. I'm convinced that faeries live in my garden.

You still have questions?


Q. I can do this myself with a group of friends for free.

A. I've joined pen pal groups many times, all of them comprised of good people with every intention of writing to each other on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Life, with all it's demands on our time, energy, and resources, has a way of intervening. Invariably, it's been my experience, that participants fall off the bandwagon after exchanging only one, or sometimes two, pieces of mail and you're left waiting for that letter that never comes. While pen pals who faithfully correspond for years do exist, it seems to be a rare and precious occurrence, especially in our digital age. I assure you, you will never experience that letdown when you subscribe to receive mailings from me.

Q. I already live in the country. Is this for me?

A. Yes! I'm willing to bet you still love to receive personal mail, am I right? The notes I send out each month will invite you to view country life through fresh eyes. Each envelope is designed to be a unique experience, with little surprises tucked inside, each and every month.

Q. What if I discover that it's just not for me, after all? Can I cancel?

A. I'm hoping that this will be a rich experience for you, however, if you decide you no longer wish to continue with your subscription, I will refund your fee, less the cost of any mailings sent (approximately $15/month, plus applicable taxes and shipping fees. December calendar mailings will be charged out at an additional $48). Cancellation requests must be sent to me at tinroosterfarm@gmail.com before the first of the month to avoid an additional month's billing.

Q. I know someone who would love to receive this! How do I arrange a subscription for them?

A. Follow the link here to sign yourself and your friends or family up to receive something welcome from me in the mail every month.

Shall we get started?

Still not sure? Why not treat yourself to one month for just $15*and see how you like it?

*Postage and Applicable Taxes not included.

I'd love to hear from you!

Carolynn Anctil at tinroosterfarm@gmail.com

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