#AskJuncker Brexiters hijack the EU Commission hashtag

After his #SOTEU speech that reached mainly the Brussels Bubble (see our study), President of EU Commission Jean-Claude Juncker held a Youtube event yesterday with 3 eurobloggers. The aim of this web-tv show ? Trying to speak to young Europeans through a popular media.

Unfortunately, things did not go well for Mr Juncker:

  • As our map shows (see below), the conversation has been hijacked by the British sphere, and especially by the Brexiters and the Leave campaign.
  • The other community, is mainly composed of official EU institutions accounts and their social media manager or partners of this event (Euronews, Youtube, Google Brussels).
Map of #AskJuncker conversations

What we can learn from this:

  • There is no segmentation in social media. When using promotionnal hashtags, there is always a risk to be hijacked by opponents or people trying to hijack it. Juncker’s team targeted youngsters, they got eurosceptics. The right question to ask yourself before launching a hashtag is « will the hijack be stronger than my message ? »
  • You don’t create good reputation on social media, you just recover your actual reputation. In this case, this debate showed how bad the EU commission reputation is in the UK. The risk is to have neutral people being influenced by negative feedback.
  • In general, this example also shows how the #AskAPolitician events generally miss their goals of connecting citizens and politicians.
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