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Mutual Attraction

The sexual law of attraction

Sexual desire is a magnetic force that draws two people together for an intimate affair. A special arousal is created when two people share the same attraction towards one another. This attraction is mutual, and the arousal is something like a magnetic force. This special magnetism works just like magnetic push and pull. When talking magnetism, there is a negative force, and a positive force. In this case opposites attract. When talking sexual intercourse this push and pull of opposites works the same way; but what about similar forces?

When talking similar attraction contrary to opposite attraction, compromises have to be made, and sexual desires then come into play. This positive-negative force play is similar to the connotations of dominant and submissive roles in sexual intercourse. A dominant player in the game of sex has the objective of leading the activity; speaking, guiding, demanding. a submissive player in the game of sex has the objective of following demands; responding, following, fulfilling. There are more detailed strategies and more subjective objectives in which I am going to save for another lesson of love & lust. In sexual intercourse dominant players attract submissive players and likewise.

When talking sex, the law of attraction comes into play but not quite in the sense of positive negative. You attract what you focus on. For example; focusing on the desire to be penetrated will attract a dominant player, and focusing on the desire to penetrate will attract a submissive player. A push in the magnetic force would only happen if a player attracts a similar forceĀ (i.e. dominant-dominant.)

Finding truth in gender roles

Gender roles play a massive role in the game of sex. Male and female are often associated and linked to dominance and submission. Women are usually linked to a submissive role, and men are usually linked to a dominant role. This is a false connection. All human beings are created equal; ergo masculinity and femininity. When balanced each individual becomes their own distinct person. Similar to the opposites attract factor with dominance and submission; masculinity attracts femininity, and likewise. Some individuals lead lives unbalanced with either their masculine qualities or their feminine qualities; ergo a dominant woman, or a submissive man, and likewise.

Everyone individual has a choice to be or not to be. You can choose to be the positive, dominant, masculine force; or you can choose to be the negative, submissive, feminine force. It is up the the individual. Gender roles are merely an illusion, created by those who don't understand the true meaning of this sacred and traditional activity. There are usually two distinct and addictive physical feelings that come with this magical activity; love and lust. Lust is what one feels when there is no mind connection with the opposing player; and love is what one feels when there is a mind connection. Stay tuned for the next lesson on lobe and lust.

The Spectrum Of Sex
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