Traversing the Wright Subterrain A journey in the unsung hero that is Wright States underground tunnel network. By Adam Stump

Wright State may have many problems with it automotive transportation but there is one form of transportation it has a good support on, walking. In these times of unpredictable weather, we can take some solace in the the fact Wright State has a integrated tunnel network system linking most of Wright State together. It is a seldom appreciated part of Wright state that we notice.

There are many aspects of the tunnel network we often overlook but if you are stuck at Wright State for a long period of time, say you got two classes on a particular day, let's say Wednesday, and your first class is at 11 AM and your other class is at 6:15 PM. When you have time to kill and need a pick me up or it's so cold outside the wind hurts your face and you rather not walk outside to get two energy drinks and a Twix bar to keep you from falling victim to the cruelest of all fates boredom, learning the tunnels many services and bounties is essential to your daily life and keeping your wits.

To those who are new to the tunnels of Wright State, it might seem like some type of post apocalyptic dystopian world due to the simplistic and industrial aesthetic to the whole thing. I would personally argue this is a plus but that's just my personal opinion, but the tunnels have many things that can be handy to you. Sticking with looks, you can almost tell what building you are under due to the change of the look of your surroundings. The look of Raj's maroon and grey color pattern is far more different than the look of Oleman's cold simplistic concrete and compact look.

The harsh, unpredictable, and often unforgiving weather of Ohio can prove to be a pain on the body and of the spirit. But Wright State has predicted this attack on its students and staff with its tunnels. Being tunnels, the ambient temperature rarely influx to horrid conditions. The only exception to this is when the tunnels have a exit to the outside near them letting in the reminder that you are trapped here in Ohio and no man made structure can fully protect you from that fact. Then again you could always move a little back from the door and it makes it not so bad I guess. On the opposite side, when the temperature becomes too unbearably hot as though you are in the middle of the Mohave in the dead of July and all divine entities has forsaken you to meet your inevitable heat death, you can also enjoy the tunnels persistent conditions. When seeking safety from the uncaring fury that is a natural disaster is also a prime time to consider going in the tunnels. Due to there subterranean design and sturdy composition means the tunnels are a prime defense against tornadoes. The tunnel often have diagrams to illustrate safe zones to give panicked people looking for survival a simple and well define way to ensure maximum safety. If there should be other emergencies such as fire, heart attack, or other. the tunnels also have stations scattered around to help with these said problems. Often near other diagrams to help find other life vital items needed during an emergency.

But as we all know hazard avoidance and survival is not the only things the tunnels can provide to its dwellers. It can also provide comforts in the form of facilities and information. When people want to advertise and pass out information about events within Wright State or within an immediate area within close proximity of Wright State that has the potential of being interesting to the people who frequent Wright State, they often put up a flyer on the many cork boards within the tunnels. You can often check these boards for newer information regarding information that maybe of relative interest to you.

You can also obtain food and beverages from the many item dispensing machines scattered throughout the tunnels. some areas like in Millett and Russ even have microwaves and can buy microwave dinners and snacks within the area in case you want a cheap fast meal during a long study session or you are hear for an unholy amount of time and forgot to eat breakfast because your car was frozen from the bitter weather and you are in desperate need of some nourishment to continue your painful existence upon this plane of reality.

In the end I hope this was worth it and you learn to appreciate the integrated sub terrain tunnel network system of Wright State University. No doubt you will be using the tunnels with a new found level of insight and appreciation due to the outcome of reading this insightful multimedia experience. “There is a city beneath the streets” ― Robert E. Sullivan Jr.
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