Meet Your Neighbor Jilian

When I Grow Up.

Not everyone knows what they want to be when they grow up. It might take a nudge from someone to help point you in a direction. Jilian (Jil) George was in high school, working three jobs and wasn’t sure what to do next. One of her jobs was receptionist at 6th Street Hair Salon. After graduation, the owners encouraged her to attend Beauty School. Why not? It would provide some income and then when she did figure out what she wanted to do, she could always change careers.

Jil took their advice and went to beauty school. Turned out she had a knack for it. Jil graduated and went back to work at 6th Street Hair Salon, only now she was a Stylist. Three months after graduation, Jil had her son. Being a Stylist was an ideal job for a single mom; flexible schedule, support from others, she was even able to bring her son to work with her when needed.

“I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for them,” Jil said in reference to her 6th Street family. And, they were a family. Jil grew as a person, a Stylist, and as a small business.

A year after she graduated from beauty school she told herself, “Someday I will have my own salon. It will belong to me. It will look the way I want.”

Someday came twelve years later. It was all a matter of timing. A series of events in her personal and professional life put her on a path that told her it was time to make a change and take the plunge. The signs were there and she started to listen to them. A new space opened up in town and she met with the new owners, they hit it off and the space put a spark back into the vision that started twelve years ago.

It was time for a change, time to move on, time to take a deep breath and just do it, and Jil did just that. Usually when someone makes such a drastic change they experience a niggling of doubt and uncertainty, they get a little nervous and anxious, but with Jil she only felt certainty. She knew it was meant to be and now was the time to do it.

“Everything just kept working out,” Jil said.

Her vision of a salon was a rough and yet soft look. Living in a maritime community she wanted a nautical touch to the space. Using a mixture of wood, metal, and crystal, she created an ambience of pleasing femininity and just the right touch of masculinity.

“I wanted men to feel comfortable and I wanted women to feel comfortable,” Jil said.

The vision also called for a space that was clean, minimal, had a spa-like setting, and most importantly—private. A place clients could come in and relax, feel pampered, and not be on display for others to see. A safe place.

“I just love it here,” Jil said. And by the long lists of clients, so do they.

Three other Stylists have joined the team at Jilian G. Salon and today it is one of the most sought after salons in town.

Three years later, every time Jil unlocks the front door she falls in love with the salon again and thinks, “This is mine.”

As a young woman, Jil dreamed of owning her own salon. It was the dream of woman strong in determination and passionate about making a difference, while doing what she loves.

By Karla Locke

Author of The Blood Stone Queen and other ebooks, Freelance Writer for Stories from the Front Porch and other publications. Karla shares her passion of the arts and artists, photography, writing, small businesses, and people who live, work, and play with passion.

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Karla Locke

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