Wheat By jasmine bautista 2a

Wheat was not native to the US.

Wheat was brought to the US from Israel.

  • Wheat is the most important crop in the world.
  • Used in so many cultures.
  • To make pasta, cake, etc.
  • Wheat was traded for corn and barley.
  • Wheat needs 12 to 15 inches of water to produce.
  • Grows in warm temperatures ( 70f to 75f ).
  • Needs a lot of sunshine.
  • Wheat can be used for just about anything and is always needed.
  • Sells to anyone and anyone would buy wheat.
  • Wheat is the main human food crop.
  • If we no longer had wheat as a resource it would lead to more animal feed.
  • No genetic wheat is being grown anywhere.
  • Scientists are still exploring ways to improve wheat growth using genetic engineering.
  • Genetic changes would benefit farmers.

What role does the latitude and shape of the North American continent play success of cultivating wheat?

Migration schedule of wheat.

Growing cycle of wheat
  • Wheat is easy to grow.
  • Feeds both people and animals.
  • Great export for the world.

Facts about wheat

  • In Oklahoma, wheat was the number one crop grown.
  • Wheat is part of the grass family.
  • Wheat contains one million individual kernels.
  • 3rd largest crop produced in the US.

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