Dress up like your ancestor By The Genealogy Kids

Dress ups aren't just for Halloween. At our house, the costume box comes out often (and spreads all over the floor, much to Mom's dismay.) The fact is, kids like to dress up. And moms like to take pictures of kids that have dressed up. Have you ever tried to dress up like one of your ancestors? Here are some of our attempts:

Our ancestors were pioneers who settled the western United States.
Little Miss Lydia
Make your dress ups even more authentic-looking by taking a photo and turning it black-and-white.

James happens to love learning about military history. When he discovered that he descends from soldiers who fought in the American Revolutionary War, he wanted to play the part (even fashioned his own sword out of masking tape).

And when Henry discovered that he's related to George Washington, he picked out this costume for Halloween. (Listening to the Hamilton soundtrack may have inspired him as well.)

One day, we even got the whole family involved in the dress up party (although our ancestors weren't quite as rough and scary as these people, I'm sure.)

*Note: This one was Mom & Dad's idea ... the grumpy faces are actually genuine since no one enjoyed waiting in line for this photo shoot at our local amusement park (rather be on roller coasters).

Have fun picturing yourself in your ancestors' shoes (or clothes, or hats, or bonnets, or uniforms, etc., etc., etc.)