Snowy Owl By:emma

Snowy Owls are birds that live in the Tundra. They are white and black. Their height is 27 inches. Snowy Owls weigh between 3.5 to 6.6 pounds. They have feathers, black beaks, and two legs. The Snowy Owl is related to eagles, owls, parrots, peacocks, and ducks.

Snowy owls only eat meat. They are carnivores. Snowy Owls eat Arctic Hares and other birds. Snowy Owls make owl pellets. Snowy Owls live in the tundra and in the far north where it is cold. Snowy Owls need to live somewhere where it is cold with food and water. Snowy Owls live in a nest or in shallow holes. Females stay with their babies.

One adaptation of a Snowy Owl it its strong wings. These help them fly away from their predators. Snowy Owl’s enemies are humans, Artic Foxes, jaegers, dogs and wolves. Snowy Owls get away from their enemies by using their wings.

Some interesting facts about Snowy Owl are that their nest are in shallow holes. They live in the far north. Snowy Owls perch on rocks to test them. They have yellow eyes. Snowy owls have hair on their feet.

Snowy Owls are interesting animals. They are unique and important to our world.


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