ELEPHANTS By:Grace turner


Elephants are interesting creatures. They have a large appetite, strong tusks and are kind of picky about their surroundings. Some live in zoos and some are wild.

This is an example of the elephants surroundings in the wild.


Elephants can live in zoos or the wild. Wild elephants live in places near fresh food, water, and large trees for shade. Also, they are located in places like rainforests, savannas, and the saharan desert. Warm locations are not a problem for elephants as long as there are trees to provide shade. Elephants that live in zoos need a lot of space with scratching posts and places to hide from guests. Their zoo habitats also need mud and grass to make it realistic for the animals. The elephants habitat helps it to survive.

Elephant zoo habitat


Elephants consume many different types of plants, 100-500 types in fact. They eat root, grass, leaves, hay, bark, and fruit. Elephants eat 300 pounds of food a day! Also, they drink about two bathtubs of water a day! Elephants who live in zoos are fed lettuce heads, apples, and potatoes. When they are good they are fed watermelon and carrots as well as the other food. Sometimes elephants are picky about their food, if the leaves they want are too high up on the tree they will push it over to reach it. Elephants don't have the most interesting diet but they do eat quite a lot.

An elephant reaches for some leaves that look better than the others


Elephants tusks are made of ivory. Some people poach elephants for their unique tusks because what they are made of are worth a lot of money. One third of their tusks are in their mouth and they usually prefer one over the other. Also, did you know the elephants tusks are just big teeth? Teeth get chipped some times, especially if you use them to dig for food and scrape bark from trees. If the elephant lives in the zoo, they go to see the zoo's animal dentist. Elephants tusks are quite large.

A large elephant shows off their tusks.


Did you know, elephants flap their ears to cool down and show excitement?


Now you know some facts about the elephants habitat, diet, and tusks. Do you agree they are interesting?

Baby elephant

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