There was once a young girl who loved to play soccer, she grew up playing soccer. However, when she wanted to play with the boys at school they made fun of her and laughed in her face saying “you’re a girl, you can’t play soccer”. Initially, those words discouraged her and she believed that because she was a girl she could never be as good as a boy. But one day when she was watching them play she realize she could be better, she could be faster, she could play with the boys. From then on she practiced on her own, gave it her 100% in practice and games. She toughened up and asked the boys if she could play again, again they laughed but she didn’t give up. They started to play and she hopped on the field and began to play. She immediately got the ball and dribbled, knocked one of the boys down and scored! All the boys stood frozen, not believing what they just saw. Ever since, the boys let her play with them and they were actually scared of her. By not giving up she proved to herself and the boys that she could be just as good as a boy if she set her mind to it.




Dear Diary,

Today wasn’t such a good day. As I was walking home from the bus stop this creepy guy kept staring at me and trying to talk to me and it was pretty scary. Once I got home my mom made me clean and help cook while my brother was sitting watching tv and playing video games. How is that fair? Whatever… Anyway, when it was time for dinner I had to serve my brother and give him the last of the pasta, just because he wanted it. I let it go because that's what girls are supposed to do I guess. To top it off once I finished my homework and went to my room, I was on instagram and saw that Jessica had posted about me again. Her and her clique always try to find ways to make fun of me because I'm different and I like to play sports. It's not fun being a girl sometimes. I wish we could just get treated the same… :(

Love, Me

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