Papua New Guinea By Jasmine, Aleyna, Sultan and fares

Papua New Guinea landscape

Papua New Guinea is located in Oceania, there are many different cultures and tribes and many more different unusual things in Papua New Guinea!

This is a poem to add more information! It tells us about Papua New Guinea in a way that is fun!

This is the Papua New Guinea flag!

The red represents bravery, the black represents their people! Southern cross is the stars as they are in a cross, they represent their connection with Australia and other countries! The yellow bird is the paradise bird, it means that it symbolizes Papua New Guinea's emergence into nationhood!

Click down below to see the amazing flag!!!

What does Papua New Guinea's flag mean?

These photos describe Papua New Guinea, its looks really nice!!!

Here are some key words for our word search

These are some key words to do with Papua New Guinea!!

Travel Boucher

This is a travel Boucher for Papua New Guinea, it explains Land Marks, Animals and Places to Visit for people who like traveling and exploring wild places!!!

On festival s they paint their faces and dress up in traditional clothing

This is our Fact File

In our Fact file we researched about their pirminster, location, land marks, the flag and a few facts!

This is our report about Papua New Guinea!!!!

In this report, it tells you all about Papua New Guinea and the history, location and language and religion

Maya people dress up for festivals!


If you want to come to Papua New Guinea...

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When you arrive you will be overwhelmed, you won't belive your eyes!

See you there!

If you want to find out about more unexplored countries, visit... 050 1867 509075


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