What To Wear A Guide for Teens by Candace Miller Photography

I am SO excited for you if you have made it this far! Being a model for a day (YES! You will ROCK it!) is going to be amazing! But sometimes the hardest part, is choosing the right outfit(s). I've created this guide to help you choose the best clothing options for your personality! And remember, these are just tips to help you look and feel like the rock star that you are!


  1. There are a couple of things to think about first. Think about the location of your session. Are we heading to a field of wildflowers and a barn? Are we going to main street with all the older style buildings? Studio session? What kind of look are you going for? Country? Urban (well...as urban as you can get in Montrose, CO)? The other thing to think about is what are you going to be doing with these photos? Are they going to be hanging in your parents home? If so, we need to coordinate a little with the style and decor of the home...maybe?


2. Finding the colors that you love and look the best on you is always something that I get asked about. Design-seeds.com can help you find a color pallete that you love! All you have to do is go to the top, click on colors and find a color that you have in your closet or something that you love, and it will give you colors to go with it. Typically you want to go with the most neutral as your base (base meaning: dress, shirt; the main part of the outfit) and add more color as accents, only choosing a maximum of 3 colors. If you have a beautiful, vibrant color as your base, choose more neutral accents (accents meaning: jewelry, hats, scarf, jackets etc) and go with a maximum of 2 colors. Don't be afraid of patterns and layers. Patterns can add depth and layers being a jacket or cardigan over a dress with a belt can add interest. *Notes: Shoes should be in the more neutral tones of the color pallete.


3. As far as styling your clothing, think about the seasons. Is it going to be during the Fall or Summer? Will you need a cute stocking cap and scarf or will you need a straw hat and summer dress? Shirts with graphics tend to look dated quickly so opt for something more neutral. Again, don't shy away from patterns or prints, but graphics and text don't photograph well.

4. Another way to make your session all about you is to bring your interests into the photos. Are you an athlete? Musician? Artist? Writer? Etc....Bring something that shows who you are and what you love to your session! This session is about you and your personality. Let's tell your story!

Be Yourself

5. Don't get too overwhelmed by the choices that are available! Just be yourself. When looking back at photos, you want to see what YOU were like. Not some fake version of yourself. So if you don't wear dresses, don't bring them to your session! And if you don't wear a shirt and tie often, then don't! These photos are a representation of who you are and the things that you love! So pull something out of your closet that makes you feel like your BEST SELF and let's party! And if you still aren't sure what you want to wear, bring a few of your favorites and I'll help you choose the best ones for the locations that we will be going to!


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