Middle School ELP students build creative skills with "word winks"

Middle School ELP students have been building their creative skills with "word winks"---visual representations of phrases or sayings. For example, in one of the pictures there is a "get" written upwards followed by the word 'go" and the saying would be "get up and go". Mrs. Christensen utilizes puzzles and riddles as a way to warm-up their creative brain power.

The next undertaking will be a "trip of a lifetime" from the Anchor Challenges for the DI (differentiated instruction) Classroom teacher book. Students will be given a continent and can choose the country, state/province and cities they will travel to on a set budget.

Another fun way for students to work on the idea of budgeting, problem-solving and practical application is using the archived version of "The Oregon Trail". Students are having a fun time (and sometimes a tricky time) using the archived version as it means there is no need for a touch-screen or mouse and they must use the keyboard, read the directions for the trek, plan ahead, revise their plans as wagons break, travelers get hurt or the weather changes drastically. Students on their own "trip of a lifetime" projects will create final brochures, share out favorite customs and traditions learned about and their most challenging and/or successful aspects of their itinerary and trip.

Students used a magnetic dartboard to select their continent to begin their research and trip project!


Created with an image by Brett Jordan - "untitled image"