Hope For Ashraf By Frank Aziz

Why I believe my Dad has a realistic chance to recover:

  • A. His brother had the same diagnosis (severe Parkinsonism and brain shrinkage with no likelihood of recovery) and is now well (after a long recovery period). In retrospect, the general opinion is that his illness resulted from toxicity to bipolar medications (some of the same medications Ashraf has also taken), but in the midst of his illness, his (several) neurologists did not believe that was a possibility.

b. Sabrinas mother ( Cell # 805-441-4707 ) was transferred from a nursing home to Newport Bay Mental hospital because of "disruptive behavior" in a nursing home (as was my Dad) and returned unable to walk, talk, or communicate, just like my Dad. She has also made a recovery.

c. Although some neurologists believe my Dad has severe Parkinsonism, other doctors believe he doesn't have Parkinson's at all and is suffering the effects of either medication toxicicity or a constant seizure state, which can be treated and from which he can recover.

d. In July, a nurse administered a dose of Ativan to my dad and he became very alert, spoke to my mother, DRANK A CUP OF WATER . . . . swallowing it with no problem . . . and raised his arm to reach out to my mother, none of which he had been able to do for the previous several months. But no one tried to figure out why he had this reaction or how to duplicate and advance it.

This is my dad before in January.

This is my dad after going to newport bay hospital after approximately 25 days.

No adequate speech pathology has been done to get my fathers jaw muscles strengthened. Because of this, he needed to get a g-tube which has subsequently caused him to lose another 20 pounds due to his body not accepting the liquids.

He also received a major pressure wound due to the nursing home not turning him adequately and consistently. A pressure wound mainly occurs when a person remains in a stationary position for a long period of time.

2. What steps I plan to take to improve my father's health:

a. Improve his quality of care. Several incidents that have caused my father's condition to deteriorate are the direct result of poor care, specifically, a kidney issue due to an improperly inserted catheter, mouth disease (which initially caused him to quit eating) due to failure of the facility to treat thrush, bed sores (now wounds) due to inadequate positioning. Poor quality care is not ethically acceptable nor is it fair to my father.

b. Genetic testing to determine what medications he is currently taken or has taken previously that may have resulted in (or at least contributed to) his current condition. (This testing is scheduled for February 1st.)

c. Medication adjustment based on the results of the above test.

d.Treatment (active isolated stretching and Vital Stem treatment) to enable him to swallow and eliminate the need for tube feeding.

3. What I propose re. settlement:

Melindas concerns are:

Fear of having responsibility for your Dad's care. If something happens to him under her care, she feels responsible and that there could be legal repercussions.

Fear of being on the street without a place to live.

How I want to address these concerns:

a. I agree to assume complete responsibility for my Dad's health care for the rest of his life.

b. I agree that when my Dad recovers enough to leave the nursing home or rehab facility, I will be responsible for his care and will provide him a place to live. He will not be going back to his previous residence and Melinda will not be expected to take care of him.

c. To finance his health care needs, I propose taking out a home equity loan on the home and I will take responsibility for repaying the loan. My mom can continue to live in the house. If that is not satisfactory, a second option would be to sell the house and split the profit; this would provide me with money for my Dad's care and her with money to buy a small condo or townhome. Either of these plans provides my mom a place to live or the money to get a place to live. A third option would be for my mother to live in an apartment, keep the house in her name, and then rent out the house temporarily to help with my fathers medical expenses. My father and mother can make an estimated 6k with this approach. She can have half of his monthly income and half of the money we make from the rental of the house. I will take on all of his credit card debt and any other debt he has aside from house. I will pay for utilities.

This is about my fathers Life. If the doctors who say he has only six months to live are right, then the decisions made at the settlement will only effect my mom for six months. If I am , my dad can recover to the point of resuming a reasonable quality of life, then he deserves that chance.

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