Ardabil, Iran, March 23, 893 deja radcliff

Map of where earthquake happened.

several earthquake catalogues and historical sources describe the 893 Ardabil earthquake as a destructive earthquake that struck the city of Ardabil , Iran on March, 23, 893. Because of the earthquake the death toll was reported to be very large. An estimate of 15,000 were killed, which would make it the ninth deadliest earthquake in history. The 893 event is considered to be a ''mistaken'' earthquake. The magnitude of the earthquake is unknown.

This area has had many earthquakes with this one being the deadliest. These disasters has caused 36,000 homeless. These disasters have made a difference in Iran. Depth of this earthquake was 10km. Damage description was extreme, $25 million or more. The total of houses destroyed was 1,001 or more.

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