Brennan Huff Takes Clemson By: Mitchell Dowling

Brennan Huff is played by Will Ferrell in the movie "Step Brothers".

Brennan Huff, from the "Step Brothers" movie, would be so much fun to have at Clemson. He is an odd guy who is a complete and total "mommas boy". Brennan loves watching television, hanging out, and just having a fun time. If Brennan came to Clemson, he would be very homesick and miss his mother and stepbrother at first. We would definitely be great roommates. He would want to make bunkbeds with me just as he did in the movie. Once he gets comfortable with me, he will open up and want to do some activities. I would first show him around campus and give him the grand tour. We would then go to one of the beaches on Lake Hartwell. Brennan would meet lots of people and would make everyone laugh. He probably would not like playing beach volleyball but it would be hilarious to watch. He is such a corky old guy that people would love seeing him around and will want to hangout with him. Brennan would love meeting new friends all over campus. We can see in the video below that Brennan is a little socially awkward. It would be hard to take him out on the weekends but it would also be very interesting. I can see him being the life of the party, once he warms up to everyone. After a long day and night out with Brennan, he would probably begin to get homesick again and miss his mother. Everyone would probably laugh at him because of his age but he would not care. Once classes start, Brennan probably would not go much. He would stay in the dorm watching television and playing video games. I would have so much fun if Brennan Huff came to Clemson and was my roommate for a year.

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