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School Colors: White & Purple

Mascot: Horned Frog

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Year Est.: 1873

Type: Coeducational Religious Private School

Admission Requirements: High school diploma is required and GED is not accepted. International Baccalaureate is accepted.

Percentage Admitted: 43%

Men vs Women: 40% Men, 60% Women

Student Demographic: 0.8% American Indian/Alaskan Native, 2.7% Asian, 5.1% Black/African-American, 11.7% Hispanic/Latino, 0.3% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino), 0.3% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander, 77.1% White, 1.9% Unknown

Average SAT Score:

Average SAT Scores

Average ACT Score: 27

Average GPA of students admitted: 3.65

Number of undergraduate students: 8,894

Number of Graduate Students: 1,429

Majors/ Programs: Film-Television-Digital Media, Food Management, Geography, Geology, Music Education, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutritional Sciences, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science - International Relations, Pre-Health Professions, Psychology, Psychology of Leadership, Ranch Management

Degrees Conferred: Bachelors, Doctorate, Master

Estimated Cost: $53,570

Percentage of Students Recieving Financial Aid: 33%

Boy Sports: Football, Baseball

Girl's Sports: Riflery, Equestrian Sports

Student Life: Drama/ Theater Group, Marching Band, Choral Group

Where do most students live: most students live in the dorms offered by the college (Men Only, Women Only, and Coed)


California Institute of the Arts

School Colors: Orange / White

Mascot: N/A

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Year Established: 1961

Type: Codeucational Private School

Admission Requirements: Portfolio/Audition, Highschool Transcript, Letter of Recommendation

Percentage Admitted: 29.9%

Male/Female percentages: 42/58%

Student Demographic: American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.6%, Asian: 12.3%, African American: 7.1%, Hispanic or Latino: 15.1%, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.2%, White: 51.2%, Two or more races: 4%, Undeclared: 9.6%

Average SAT: not reported

Average ACT: not reported

Average GPA of students admitted: not reported

Number of Undergraduate Students: 951

Number of Graduate Students: 496

Majors: Acting, Art, Choreography, Directing, Dance, Film and Video, Film Directing, Jazz, Music Technology, Sound Design, Set Design

Degrees Conferred: Bachelors, Masters

Total Yearly Cost: $43,986

Percent of Students recieving financial aid: 70%

Sports offered: n/a

Student Life/ clubs: Calarts Comedy, Contact Improv Club, Film Tonight

Where do most students live?: no information given

Webster University

School Colors: White, Navy Blue, Gold

Mascot: the "Gorlock" (a mystical creature designed by the students)

Location: St. Louis, MO

Year Established: 1915

Type: Coeducational Private Nonprofit University

Admission Requirements: High school diploma is required and GED is accepted, International Baccalaureate is accepted.

Percentage Admitted: 89%

Male/Female Percentage: 44/58%

Student Demographic: 0.3% American Indian/Alaskan Native, 2.0% Asian, 13.4% Black/African-American, 5.0% Hispanic/Latino, 3.4% Multi-race (not Hispanic/Latino), 0.1% Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander, 67.6% White, 8.2% Unknown

Average SAT:not reported

Average ACT: 24

Average GPA: 3.48

Number of Undergraduate Students: 2,766

Number of Graduate Students: 1,708

Majors: Accounting, Acting, Directing and Theatrical Production, Ethics, Film/ Video Studies, Computer Science, Game and Interactive Media Design, Journalism, Ethics, General Finance

Majors Conferred: Certicate, Bachelor's Degree, Post-Bachelor's Degree Degree, Master's Degree, Post-Master's Certificate

Total Yearly Cost: $37,360

Percentage of Students recieving financial aid: 32%

Sports Offered:

Boys: Baseball, Golf

Girls: Volleyball, Softball

Student Life: Theater Group, Choral Club, Radio Station

Where do most students live: Students are required to live on campus freshman and sophomore year, so... on campus.

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