Painting magic takes time Wildago ARTWORKS of 2018

This is my portfolio of 2018. The pieces were created in Spain and in Italy this year. A few ended up in Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Italy and, of course, Spain where I do most of my work. My latest ones are destined for a solo exhibition in Edinburgh during the summer of 2019 and that will be the main focus of my work until June. 2018 was the year I took the decision to start exhibiting again and also to paint larger sizes. As always, I am grateful for continued support of family and friends who make it possible for me to be in a job I love so much. -- Wildago, 1 January 2019


Squirrel in a Misty Wood

Three-and-a-half Pears


Bottiglie e vaschetta in peltro a Sant'Anna

Moka Pot

Dante and the She-Wolf

The Little Pearl-Maid

A Penguin in South Africa


Gull with a Mussel (from the Seafood Lovers triptych)

Pescatarian Puffin (from the Seafood Lovers triptych)

Gannet (from the Seafood Lovers triptych)

Pearl on a Boat

Proverbs 31:25 - Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future.

Gull on a Tree Trunk

Scrappy Crab (2nd crab of 2018)

Detail from Landed Crab (3rd crab of 2018)

Casa Benlliure Dishes in Valencia

Pearl and the Easter Bunny

Natura morta con olio d'oliva a Sant'Anna

Geranio a Sant'Anna


Ortaggi da giardino a Sant'Anna


Mr & Mrs Penguin

Portrait of Duke

Happy Crabby (1st crab of 2018)

Pear on a Blue Table

Portrait of Ermes


Roe Deer at Sant'Anna

Brass & Glass at Sant'Anna

Grey Reef Shark

Fichi a Sant'Anna

White Goat

The Pinocchio Shop

Boy or Puppet?

Otto (a loyal studio assistant) critiquing a sheep painting. Thanks for looking at the slideshow. Happy 2019! -- Wildago


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