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To be successful in most fields you have to have some type of formalized or specialized education under your belt in order to teach you both the basic and advanced skills needed to succeed in a specific job. Those entering into the field of Executive Protection are also required to have some type of formal and advanced bodyguard training.

Striker Institute Training in executive risk assessments or threat assessments for celebrity stalking and kidnapping cases. We provide Advanced Training in estate and residential security services, armored vehicle transportation and International Travel and Risk Advisories.

Bodyguard Training

9 Day Executive Protection Training Program – $4,495.00

Double-occupancy hotel accommodations, breakfast & lunch, ammo (9mm), local ground transportation and all materials are included for the 9 day program – Executive Protection Fundamentals,

Protective Medical Training with CPR/FA/AED & TCCC Certification, Protective Firearms with optional NRA Certification, & Defensive / Evasive Driving course. ($3,995 no hotel option)

7 Day Executive Protection Training Program – $3,750.00

Preliminary Assessments - Protective Intelligence Sourcing & Analysis - Advanced Concepts & Procedures - Route Selection & Surveys - Designing & Implementing a Protective Detail Choreography & Formations - Protective Perimeter & Layering Concepts - Live working Protective Detail Exercises - Protective Operations Case Studies -Counter-Surveillance & Behavioral Analysis.

Executive Protection Fundamentals, Protective Medical Training with CPR/FA/AED & TCCC Certification, & Defensive / Evasive Driving course.

3 Day Executive Protection Agent Training Course – $995.00

Surveillance Detection Concepts - Considerations & Planning for Overseas Operations -Motorcade & Convoy Security Concepts-Arrival & Departure Procedures - Vehicle Sweeps & Vehicle Readiness - Armored Vehicles – History & Operations - State Licensing Requirements & Insurance -Successful Start - Up, Sub-Contracting & Marketing Techniques.

*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*

Firearms Tactics Training

2 Day Protective Firearms Tactics Training Course $795.00

Full Spectrum Conflict Resolution & Live Fire Training -Proper gear selection & placement, ammo & ballistics -Proper stance, grip & draw from holster -Sight alignment, trigger control & recoil management

Reloads & immediate / remedial action - Concealed-carry considerations and techniques Shooting on the move & atypical shooting positions - Multiple target engagement & shot cycles -Shooting on the move & muzzle control -Attack-on-Principal & principal extraction exercises

Concealed Weapon Certification & Firearm Training $175.00

Certify NRA Firearm Instructor, State License Private Investigator, Defensive Tactics Instructor.

Thu, Sat & Sun 9am to 1pm. Come join us for one of our professional class whether you are new to guns or a pro we have basic, advanced , group or private classes to fit your needs. $175.00 for the fists person being a friend for half price. Materials .bullets. guns and targets included.

Class Instructor - 1.954.636.1292

Solo-Practitioner Attack Response/Counter-Attack (SPARC) Drills -Detail Attack Response & Evacuation (DARE) Drills -‘Verbal Judo’, Command Presence & De-Escalation -Hand-to-hand, hand-to-knife, knife-to-firearms, defensive tactics​

*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*

Concealed Combat Pistol

3 Day Concealed Combat Pistol Training Course $495.00

This course is based on the concept that all students are now fully and unconsciously competent with their pistols. This means you can operate the pistol effectively without any actual thought process. Once you are this stage in your competency, you will be looking to “kick it up a notch”, and that’s what we do in ADH4.

This class goes into gun fighting techniques a little deeper with some unconventional techniques and a focus on repetitive drills in a scenario based training environment. Topics covered include: Multiple assailant techniques, fighting from the ground, hostage scenarios, fighting your way to the pistol and more.

Private Investigator Training

Private Investigator Training Course $995.00

Private Investigations Overview, Terminology and Services - Information gathering: social media, how to utilize resources, etc. Information vs. Intelligence surveillance Concepts and Methodology – Moving, Stationary, Static, Technical

How to Properly Document and Log an Investigation, Field Note Taking and Report Writing- Interviews – Witnesses, Victims, etc.= Background Investigations- Corporate Investigations. Licensing: information sources and releases, GPS use, etc. Ethics Discussion and Legal Issues

High-Value Threat Training

High-Value Threat Protection 35 Day Specialist Course $50,000.00

The High Threat Protection (HTP) Course is a 19-day, protective specialist course that has been approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs for GI Bill funding. This course is the final phase of the 35 Day High Threat Protection Specialist Certificate

The HTP course bridges the gap between conventional domestic protective operations and war-zone PSD work. The 19-day HTP course will provide the training, knowledge, and skill sets, to be a proficient protective team leader/member in all threat areas by focusing on one of the most challenging protective environments, the High Threat-Low Profile area of operations.

Defensive & Evasive Driving

Defensive/Evasive Driving Course $219.00

Vehicle Mechanics & the Science of Driving -Vehicle Types & Considerations -Vehicle Checks, Equipment & Emergency Preparedness -Attack Recognition & Ambush Avoidance -Sedan & SUV Evasive Maneuvers & Concepts.

Accident Avoidance, Emergency braking & Swerving-to-avoid Obstacles -High-Speed Vehicle Maneuvers, Braking Techniques & Skid Control -2 Point Escape Turn and Reversing Techniques -Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements

Aviation FBO Security Training

Airport & Aircraft Security Operations Course $449.00

This course teaches the basics of operational aviation security (AVSEC), providing an overview of the latest security issues, threats, and technological developments. With a focus on ICAO and IATA documentation, gain tools to implement international security procedures within your organization.

Advanced Training in working to raise the baseline for aviation security across the globe by implementing enhanced security measures, both seen and unseen,

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

CPR & First-Aid Certification Course $400.00

It's one thing to have CPR training and it's another to be able to actually prove you have that ability. Fortunately, you'll be able to receive this certification when you decide to undergo the Healthcare Provider CPR training course.

This certification is more than a vague reminder of your skills. It helps others know that you have the skills necessary to help those in need and that they can rely on you.

Underwater Security Detection & Deterrent

PADI Search & Rescue Diver Course $2,000.00

Designed to identify underwater nuisance targets. The team is leading theoretical and practical training in critical situations such as night dives, ship hull search techniques, and underwater forensics. and inspecting waterfront properties and Yachts

The PADI Rescue Diver course prepares you to deal with dive emergencies, minor and major, using a variety of techniques. Through knowledge development and rescue exercises, you learn what to look for and how to respond. During rescue scenarios, you put into practice your knowledge and skills. Topics include:

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