Gymnastics Without A Gym by-Hannah King

In the summer at my gym we were making changes to the set up inside including moving lockers, rearranging the equipment and moving the front desk because they wanted to make a new section in our gym. About a month into the work I noticed a policeman and another important looking man on the other side of the gym talking to one of my coaches. Then suddenly one of my coaches sprinted over and told us to get out of the gym as fast as we can and find our parents. Their was a huge mob forming because everyone was trying to get out and had no idea what was occurring.

The next time I saw my teammates was around nine o’clock in the morning at a gym that let us practice there, later we were kicked out and we would find another gym and that is when I realized that we in trouble. We later figured out that there was asbestos lying under the floors of our gym and unless the asbestos was removed, no kid could step foot in the building. We also learned that a parent had called the police because they only had a permit for moving the lockers and since they were removing flooring and revealing the asbestos it could have given us a chance of getting lung cancer. I had never been so enraged in my life to think that someone had the nerve to call the police and ruin my entire gymnastics season.

For the next six months my team and I would be going from gym to gym everyday of the week to get in the most practice I could. It felt like every time another person left it was like a close friend leaving your life. After a rough meet season I ended up finishing all my competitions.

Around the month of April my mom couldn’t take not having a stable place to be practicing everyday and she sent me to try out a different gym, and I did not want to do this because it meant sacrificing my closest friends and leaving them behind and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to see them as often as I did then. The day that I had to leave the gym I sobbed for the rest of the day and didn’t come out of my room. I told my mom I was never going to forgive her because of this decision. The toughest part about leaving my gym was leaving my coaches because they had always been so supportive throughout my time there and they were almost like family to me.

I had learned that the change would help me become the gymnast that I had always dreamed of when I was little. My life changed as soon as I started doing gymnastics at that gym because everyday I got better and better and I realized that for the past year I had almost been held back for improving. Even though I have amazing teammates at my new gym, it still hurts me today thinking about the sacrifice that I made to continue my gymnastics career.

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