Waves R Us The Online ELECTROMAGNETIC Spectrum Catalog

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Within these pages you will learn about the various waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum and what they are used for

Radio Waves- The longest and least energy. You can find radio waves in TV, radios and GPS Signals. Warning: Too much exposure to radio waves may result in cancer and health problem.

Microwaves- Is your microwave acting up? Does it not warm your food up to expectations? Do not worry, we have the most effect microwaves in the world

Microwaves are used to warm up your food, or can be used with weather forecasts by detecting rain, snow, and smoke.

Microwaves are shorter than radio waves and have more energy and shorter frequencies.

Warning: Too much exposure to microwaves may cause cataracts and/or damage your brain/

Infrared: Are you in need of a wave for your TV remote? Or do you want to keep your food warm? Look no further. We sell the best infrared rays here.

Infrared rays are mostly in the form of heat or thermal energy. They are shorter than TV rays and have more energy.

Warning: Infrared rays may cause burning of the skin, eye problems and dehydration

Visible Light: Do you need a bit of color in your life? Worry no more. Visible light is here for you!!!

Visible light is the only light on the spectrum you can see with your bare eyes.

Visible light has a shorter wavelength and more energy

Mr. R.O.Y. G. B.I.V. endorses this wave. His name stands for the colors of the rainbow in order. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

Warning: Too much staring at the sun may damage your retina

Ultraviolet: In need of a tan to keep you skin golden for the summer time? UV rays can help you out!!!

Ultraviolet waves have more energy and shorter wavelengths than Visible light.

Warning: Too much UV light can cause skin cancer and sunburns

Think you may have a broken bone but not in the mood to go to the doctors? Fear not, we have a product for you X-rays.

X-rays have extremely high frequencies, low wavelength and a lot of energy.

Warning: Too much exposure to X-rays can kill cells and internal organs.

In need of radiation therapy to help kill cancer cells? Gamma rays are the waves for you

Gamma rays are the most energetic and have the smallest wavelength of all the waves

Warning: Gamma rays can cause cell damage and genetic mutations.


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