Diamond Supply Co. company information

Diamond Supply Company is a clothing and skateboarding accessory brand based in California. The company was started by Nick Diamond in 1998.

Examples of products

Skateboarding Hardware Examples

Hardware (left), Grip tape (middle), Bearings (right)

Clothing Examples

Footwear Examples

Footwear Commercial

Diamond Supply Co. also sponsors many skateboarders. Below are some of the skaters they sponsor...
Torey Pudwill (top left), Brandon Biebel (top right), Nick Tucker (middle left), Nyjah Huston (middle top right), Paul Rodriguez (middle bottom right), Sean Malto (bottom left), and Eric Koston (bottom right).
Where to buy Diamond

Around the World, Diamond has only 3 retail stores. Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco are the locations of the only 3 stores. Although, you can get Diamond at other stores such as Zumiez, Tilly's, and many different skate shops. You can also get these products online at many places.

Diamond Store Locations

Los Angeles Store-447 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036.

New York Store-286 LaFayette St. New York, NY 10012.

San Francisco Store-1560 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117

Skate park in Los Angeles, California

Diamond Supply Co. also has a skate park in Los Angeles opened to the public. It is located at Hazard Park: 2298 Norfolk St. Los Angeles, CA 90033. Click here for map of location.

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