I Hear America Thriving By: avika pal

I hear America thriving, the new ideas i hear,

Those of science, each one singing bold with passion about improvement,

The musicians singing his as he strums his guitar,

The mother singing as she encourages her child,

The doctor singing about the help he gives and the lives he improves,

The construction worker's song having recommendations to make better buildings,lives, and communities,

The melody of the artist seeping through their painting of life,

The decadent singing of the mechanic at work, or of the challenges he faces,

Each one singing to express their ideas to allow America to develop,

The day what belongs to the day- at night the people join hoping their actions help,

Singing with open minds their strong melodious songs.


Created with images by 3dman_eu - "trumpf donald hair" • PublicDomainPictures - "experiment chemistry liquid" • FirmBee - "guitar classical guitar acoustic guitar" • skeeze - "push ups exercise fitness" • US Army Africa - "019" • Sheila in Moonducks - "construction workers" • RichardBowen - "My Artist" • aerowold - "YS Mechanic" • BruceEmmerling - "new york city building"

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