O'Dell Beckham jr. Created by:samuel Bhatti

I am very interested in O'Dell Beckham jr because he is a NFL player who plays on the New York Giants. I am interested in O'dell because he went to a very good college and both of his parents went to LSU tigers.O'Dell is very humble because he is very calm when he is on the field.Another characteristic is he is very talented the he catches the ball and the way he dances.

The important contributes that O'dell does are playing for the charity softball game .Another thing that he does is O'dell wants to donate 500,00 dollars to repair a football filed that is torn a part in Louisiana.

The reason that O'dell is famous because he made the worlds greatest catch with one hand over the defender.Another one is O'dell donates money to charities.And O'dell has very good dance moves when he scores a touchdown.

Experiences that O'dell had made are O'dell is one of the best wide receiver in the world.he also donates lots of money to charities.

The things that I admire about O'dell is his hair and that like his dance moves also his gameplay.

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