This slide of pictures was not just a CAST assignment for school, it was also just for me. Growing up i have always had a interest in many forms of art, photography being one of the most enjoyable. For this assignment I wanted to focus on giving a sense of space and the beauty of not just the focus but everything around. The pictures I have captured were inspired by the artist/photographer "Joe Deal" which also captures scenes that do not focus on one object but a whole landscape.

Starting my journey while my family and I were giving the uncle from the Philippines I have met for the first time a tour of the beautiful city that we live in. In this moment, the city provided the beautiful experience with its beautiful architecture, the sound of calm ocean under the cool breeze of the bay area, and the clear blue sky giving off an angelic feeling.
Going to a special area with people you love is a great feeling. But the greatest feeling about it getting lost in the beauty of the site and admiring how the world works. Watching the rapid waves crashing against the rocks at Ocean Beach show how beautiful something so dangerous could be if you step back and appreciate it.
Visiting a site which gave me the feeling of how beautiful the natural environment around us really is. The Spire at Golden Gate park shows me how amazing nature could be.
Natural environment could be one of the most beautiful creations. But ancient structures are of its own type of beauty, it is not just the architecture of the structure but the story behind it. Sutro Baths holds many stories of how things may end up over time.
After much hard work a person needs some time to his self, time to clear the mind and see the real picture.
It caught my attention how art is not just placed into museums but created just outside of it.
Art is not just found at the Palace of Fine Arts, the art is found everywhere around it.
Moraga Steps does not just have art to admire while climbing to the top, but overcoming the challenge is all worth it by seeing the natural art of the city we live in.
One of the newest structures in our city shows the people that don't live in the city that they are entering a land of art.
Peaks where you can see the world form great heights.
to close off the slide really shows that San Francisco may really be heaven.

The journey I took taking these pictures while admiring and enjoying the views this amazing city has to offer. Joe Deal was the perfect artist to follow to capture the feeling I was trying to give in this slide of space and beauty. I created this slide to show my love for the city that raised me and to capture gorgeous pictures of locations that are naturally magnificent.

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