Department of Homeland Security mya green

George w. Bush is the founder of DHS. It was created in 2002 after the September 11 terrorist attack in New York.
John F. Kelly is the current head of the Department. He is a retired United States Marine Corps General.
The mission of Office for Bombing prevention is to protect and prevent. DHS members go through a training process to prevent explosive threats as shown in the picture.
The U.S Army has the ability to move rapidly to emergencies. The mission is to prevent terrorist attacks, Immigration, cyber security and disasters.
Border patrol is an agency within DHS. It keeps watch over the country's border.
Passports are a good method of keeping track of who leaves and comes into the U.S. Passports allow people to re- enter the country.
There are laws within DHS such as International Child Abduction Prevention. An amber alert is sent out across the nation to save the life of a child.
DHS also provides security during the Superbowl because it is a massive event with over 50,000 people. Anything could go wrong! So it us up to guards to prevent anything disastrous from happening.
There are several forms of law enforcment agencies such as local police (as shown in the picture), state police and highway patrol, and deputy sherrifs. They all provide the one thing we need most,patrol and safety.
Anything from stealing money and hacking personal information can destroy essential services. It can increase the chances of fraud and abuse.


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