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"The Duo Beija-Flor is an incredibly dynamic and creative team. The flutist (Marie-Noëlle Choquette) has a beautifully warm sound which is dynamic and supremely expressive. The guitarist (Charles Hobson) is absolutely fantastic and provides a perfect bed for the flutist to soar on" -Viviana Guzman, The Flute View Magazine, San Francisco
"With each instrument, they change timbres and ornaments, tempi and rhythmical interplay, with harmonies that reach the sounds of rock, all while staying classical. A great discovery from Montreal" -Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, Montreal

Artistic Statement

Duo Beija-Flor is a classical flute and guitar duo that is as multi-layered as their home base of Montreal. Their repertoire, based upon what they call “ethno-classical” music, is full of unique and colorful sonorities that takes the listener on a musical voyage. Much like the nationalistic musical movement that came to life at the end of the 19th century, their repertoire consists of music from composers that have used either traditional dances, stories, or songs in order to create their works. They incorporate many extended and contemporary techniques in their performance giving them a more authentic sound and at the same time a modern twist to their music. With this type of repertoire they seek to increase the understanding of the diverse populations and cultures that make up modern-day Canada through music, anecdotes and outreach performances.


Since the release of their debut album, Envol, as part of the 2011 fall season of Montreal's “Réseau Accès Culture”, Duo Beija-Flor has performed in numerous concert halls across Canada, the U.S and Argentina. The duo has been featured on several radio and television programs in Canada and the US for their unique blend of classical and traditional music. In 2011, the duo was named laureate in the competition, “Mon Accès à la Scène” and in 2012 they were recipients of the music promotional grant from the Guilde des Musiciens et Musiciennes du Québec (AFM local 406).

Duo Beija-Flor’s second album, Muzica was released in October 2013 to much critical acclaim. The album features music inspired from Eastern Europe and includes their unique gypsy inspired arrangement of Bela Bartok’s, “Romanian Folk Dances”. Also in 2013, they gave the world premiere of the piece, “Havana Street Parade” at Concordia University in Montreal. The piece, based on Cuban jazz, was written for and dedicated to the duo by Canadian composer, Roddy Ellias. In 2015, they gave the South American debut of the piece at the Museo Fernandez Blanco in Buenos Aires.

In September 2018, Duo Beija-Flor released their third and latest album, Costas with American label, Big Round Records/NAXOS of America. This album, based upon their Latin program of the same name is comprised of music from the Atlantic coasts of the Latin world. The album includes works by Canadian composers, Sid Robinovitch, Roddy Ellias and Celso Machado along with major works by Manuel De Falla, Astor Piazzolla and Sergio Assad. The album has garnered rave reviews from the USA, Canada and England including a 4.5/5 from the Winnipeg Free Press, 4/4 from the Cinemusical (USA) and was the McNally Robinson Booksellers/ Classic 107(Manitoba) album of the month in November 2018

What the critics are saying!

"...What is particularly striking from the very beginning is the wide variety achieved with respect to style, mood and tempo within a thoughtfully chosen program...."
"....Infectious rhythms and superb playing by both performers...."

Richard Haskell - "The Whole Note Magazine" Toronto

"...crisply executed syncopated rhythms..."
"...a sweet treat for listeners who like their music hot!"
"**** 1/2"

Holly Harris - "The Winnipeg Free Press"

"...The virtuoso mastery of the instruments locked together in an interminable dance of music, the notes of which seem to leap off the page and dally in the rarefied atmosphere of the listening room, or dance and gambol in a mad rush of excitement..."
"...The duo plays the music unwrapping each statuesque melody as if revealing some delightful mystery for the listener to grasp with their ears with great expectation...."

Raul da Gama - "World Music Report" Ottawa

"Lyrical and sophisticated at the same time as it is simple and lively, Duo Beija-Flor's music surprises and energizes and its hint of mischief may well put a bounce in your day" -Richard Dagenais, Montreal Morning News, Global TV

"A nice blend between world and classical music...a truly amicable duo!" - Françoise Davoine, Espace Musique, Radio-Canada

"I love the contrasts and their great rhythmical energy. They are never "static". A well blended ensemble, un véritable duo quoi!" -Guy Vanasse, Former General Director at the Centre Pierre-Péladeau, University of Quebec at Montreal

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