The Nightmare before Christmas Regene s2c 13

Basic information

  • Author:Tim Burton
  • Publisher:Pearson Education Limited
  • IBSN:978-1-4058-5210-4
  • No. of pages:60
  • Main characters:Jack Skellington, Sally, Santa Claus
  • Story type:horrible


In Halloweentown, everybody is very excited because it is Halloween night. Jack Skellington scared people by his scary songs and his dangerous dance, but he is bored. One day, he go to Christmastown accidentally and he love there, so he decide to be a Santa.But he make some mistakes, the presents are scary things inside, all the people are very afraid.Santa is nearly eaten by Oogie Boogie, a monster full of maggots and everybody isn't joyful. At the end, Jack save Santa and Santa save Christmas, Jack and Sally both want to stay with each other, so they live happily ever after.

Oogie Boogie

favourite character

Sally is my favourite character because...

  1. Brave (Although her master had bad temper, she wanted to have freedom so she escape from him.)
  2. Calm(When she noticed that Jack was wrong and the things became a mess, she could handle it.)
  3. Persistence(At first, Jack didn't know about Sally's love, but she didn't give up and helped him.)

Favourite sentence

"The end of Christmas?Never!"shouted Santa.

I like it because it inspired me that although we are in trouble, we shouldn't give up, if we want to do so, we must try our best first.


  1. Think twice before you do.
  2. Try your best before you give up.
  3. Festivals are the time for you to share love and happiness.


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