Mars Mission By: Angel Corona


This mission takes place in summer of Florida, of the year 2100. Our goal is to bring some more resources to the people that are living mars at that time. they need food, water & resources to survive. We would like the mission to be no longer than a week so we can repeat the process, comeback and take the habit-ants more supplies. Some supplies that have already been taken to Mars are the basics, like water, food, crops, and tools. Key supplies for the survival of humans on another planet.

We are a small group of 4 consisting individuals, 2 men and 2 women, we are excited to go to space for the first time, we are highly trained for this particular mission, we are attempting to resupply a colony that is running out resources up at Mars, This happens every 3 months, to make sure the colony at mars is good to go, so we can get more Families up there, for a new start. We hope everything comes out how we planned, we are ready for any kind of emergency though. Highly trained professionals are on board.

The Crew

First off we have an Engineer named Mike, every mission needs an engineer in case something goes wrong. He is the guy for the job. Angel - The Pilot of the Space Craft, Has piloted many Space Crafts in the past. Has many experience with flying. Jailyne - is a doctor, in case someone gets hurt on a mission she has ways she can help us. She has been a Doctor for a pretty decent amount of time now so she knows what she's doing. Next up, is Sierra. She is The veterinarian, She came along because we have quite a few animals over at Mars, For example we have Cows, Chicken's, & Pigs. We need to be sure that they are healthy, Sierra very good at her job. she can tell us what the animals need to survive, and if they're healthy or not.

Space Travel

The IXS Enterprise

The Fuel we would be using for the space craft is Liquid Hydrogen, this fuel would last longer than any kind of fuel, it is the next step to success. We hope for the space craft to prevent everything in the way of us getting to Mars, for example in case meteoroids hit the space craft, nothing will harm the passengers inside. The Space craft will be spinning, so the gravity would be like it is on Earth, That would most likely fix the problem with the radiation eating up our bones, If that doesn't work we hope to have special walls so no radiation can penetrate them.

Daily exercise would come in handy as well, it will keep our muscles from becoming weak. While going into space, our muscles tend to slack because of the gravity, Foam like material will stop the meteoroids from coming into the space craft, They would kill the astronauts if they aren't applied to the spacecraft.The Passengers would be taken Compressed suites with oxygen from Earth, they will wear them when they land. It is best for their survival. They wouldn't want to starve on their way to Mars.

Living on Mars

There is already people living on mars, the habitat they are living in domes. It's basically like they're on Earth, but in a closed habitat. Additional things, food is already provided. Water was discovered later on Mars after the first Astronauts landed, they wanted to see if there was life on Mars before. We have everything we need to survive in the new world, from food supplies and water. It's all here. People have been here for hundreds of years. There is electricity as well. it's just like were living on Earth. Mars has already been colonized, we are just resupplying the people here. We are making sure they don't run out of supplies, they're next step is to step is to start Cropping, Make they're own food.

We spend about 2 weeks on Mars, we came here to resupply a colony, so they won't run out of supplies. They have been here for about 80 years. Our goal was successful, everything came out how we wanted it to. The journey from Earth to Mars it took about 2 days for us to arrive. We are now heading back home, our job here is done.

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