Newsletter 27th April 2018

From the Head

It has been a very busy week at St Olave’s this week. On Monday morning we waved au revoir to our Year 6 children and staff as they boarded their coach to take them to France for their final residential visit with us. I attended a conference in Leicester on Monday and Tuesday and then drove to France early on Wednesday morning with Mrs Brame to surprise the children and spend some time with them in France. We had a lovely day and the children were fantastic ambassadors for the school and behaved beautifully both at the centre and when walking around Rue in the afternoon. We look forward to hearing all about their adventures on their return to school this afternoon.

Kind regards, Miss Holloway

Year 5

After the excitement of Art Week last week, a normal timetable resumed in Year 5. We started the week learning all about BIDMAS (Brackets, Indices, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction) in maths. We discovered that it matters which operation you carry out first when trying to find the answer to different calculations. To help the children’s understanding, they undertook a code breaking activity to work out the names of different cities around the world - the hardest part was actually trying to work out the anagram of the city! During the rest of the week, the children revised how to work out the perimeter and area of composite shapes as well as the volume of cuboids.

In IPC, we started our new topic called ‘Fairgrounds’. We discussed all the different rides they had been on or seen in fairgrounds and theme parks around the world. The children then experienced a rollercoaster ride for themselves by sitting in front of an animation on the whiteboard. For some children, this was their first ‘experience’ of a ride like this and they commented on how real it felt. Some children had a tingly sensation in their stomachs as they approached the summit of the first drop and others felt slightly dizzy from going upside down! Next week, the children will be designing and making a model of their own ride. If you have any spare cardboard or small boxes that you are planning to recycle, could the children please bring them in by Tuesday so they can use them for their models.

In PSHEE, we used a circle time session to discuss what a food allergy is. We found out what the 14 most common allergens are. Then, we worked in pairs to discuss what potential allergens we thought were in different foods such as pasta, crisps and cereals. We will continuing this discussion next week.

Year 4

In Year 4 this week we have started our new IPC topic ‘Material World and Shake It!’. We are all very excited as this is a science based topic so the children will have lots of opportunities to conduct investigations and experiments! We kicked off the week by looking at all of the materials used to make bikes and why those materials were chosen, we used this to then explore the properties of different materials.

In maths, we set ourselves new targets for the coming term and started learning all about negative numbers. We then had fun with a 100 square investigation where all of the numbers had been replaced by symbols! We had to work logically and systematically to work out which symbol was which number!

In English, we heard the amazing story of a football team from Southern Thailand who had to build a floating pitch if they wanted to play! We challenged ourselves by writing the story with two narrators!

On Friday we had our IPC entry point, unfortunately, the Bamboo Bicycle Company were unable to come, so, instead, we spent our morning becoming builders but using different and rather strange materials to build towers and bridges - check out our video below! We had a lot of fun working in teams and testing out our cooperation and communication skills.

Year 3

This week in Year 3 we have come to the end of our IPC topic called “Saving the World”, which has focussed mainly on rainforests. The exit point for 3H came in the form of a brilliant assembly on Wednesday. A huge well done to all - you really worked hard to learn your lines and the songs to showcase our learning.

3S had their own exit point as they showed the Nursery children what work they have been doing and explained why the rainforest is so vital to our planet.

In Maths we have continued to work on Times Table Rock Stars both at home and at school. Initial issues with the setting of particular tables for particular children should have been sorted out by the time this newsletter is produced. Thanks to children and parents for their patience and understanding in this matter.

The Year 3 children were very quick to remember that our sporting week at St Olave’s has gone back to how it used to be. So Monday is still Games (kit in bag) and Tuesday is Carousel again (children come to school in PE kit with uniform in bag). Excellent memory work, everybody!

Year 2

The children have enjoyed finishing off our IPC topic From A to B learning about cars and aeroplanes. They created their own paper aeroplanes this afternoon and had great fun trying to get them to fly! They also continued their work on Zeraffa Giraffa, inventing their own mode of transport to get the giraffe from Marseille to Paris. They were incredibly creative and able to explain every detail they had thought of. We are starting our new IPC topic next week of We Are What We Eat, so for homework we have asked the children to write a food diary for Saturday and Sunday to kick this off. Enjoy the weekend!

Year 1

In Year 1 this week we have started our new IPC topic ‘Flowers and Insects’. We took advantage of the sunshine on Monday and went on a local nature walk. The children enthusiastically identified various flowers, trees and insects. In science, we discussed how we know if something is alive, has never been alive and once was alive. In the coming weeks, the children will be carrying out their own investigations to explore the life processes further. There were some interesting misconceptions such as ‘all living things can talk’ and ‘are flowers living if they do not go to the toilet?’ In Maths, the children continued to develop their understanding of multiplication and division. They have been looking at multiplication facts and the corresponding division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times table. Please support your child in counting in 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards.

On Friday, History Off the Page visited Year 1 and took the children back in time to 1666. All the children dressed up and became apprentices on the streets of London, learning skills that would have been common for workers of the era. Using practical learning, storytelling and drama the children brought everything they have learnt about The Great Fire of London to life. Thank you to the parents who supported the children with their learning.


Reception have embarked on their new ‘On the move’ topic, focussing on Space. We have started learning about the names of the planets, the order in which they appear in the solar system and some of their properties. The children have coloured a sheet of planets and have started to cut them out in preparation for placing them in the correct order, labelling them and writing a few facts about them.

Read Write Inc. school reading books have been started this week by all children in their phonics groups. Note the ‘stick of power’, a lolly stick to most but definitely not to the discerning child!

The whole of the EYFS had a party on Thursday to celebrate Mrs Harris’ birthday as it was a ‘special one’ shall we say! The theme was Alice in Wonderland so we had a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the morning with jam tarts and other such themed food.


The children in Nursery have started their new topic this week “Under the Sea”. We read the rhyming book “Commotion in the Ocean” and identified many different animals and creatures that live in the ocean. The children enjoyed creating their own collage sea creatures which they proudly showed to one another.

We have also been learning about positional language this week, using the story “Rosie’s Walk” to help us. The children have enjoyed making their own “Over, Under, Around, Through” pictures, describing where Rosie walked.

On Wednesday, the Junior Travel Ambassadors visited us to help teach the children about road safety. They will be delivering six sessions in total over the summer term to develop the children’s understanding about this vital skill.

On Thursday we had a “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” to celebrate Mrs Harris’ special birthday. We dressed up with funny hats, danced, played games and ate Alice in Wonderland decorated cakes. We hope you had a very happy birthday Mrs Harris!

School Parliament

Next week we launch our ‘We Walk for Water’ campaign across the school. Clean water isn’t a luxury, it is a basic human right. One that millions of people around the world lack access to because of water sources that are contaminate, unreliable or far from home. Children are often given the daily task of walking to collect water for their families, which prevents them from attending school. Our MPs feel very strongly about this matter and wanted to raise awareness of the impact of this on so many children and families across the world. The MPs will be delivering workshops in every class throughout the week and then, on Friday, the whole school will take part in a water walk. This will follow a designated path and have the responsibility for carrying heavy bottles of water with them. We are asking for a suggested donation of £1 from everyone for taking part in the weeks activities. Did you know that £15 can provide one family clean water for life?

Thank you in advance for your support of the MPs first global campaign.

Mrs O’Sullivan

Saturday Gardening

Mr Pradic will be at the allotments from 10am to 12pm on the following date and would appreciate any help that can be given. Thanks.

  • 28/04/18
  • 12/05/18
  • 26/05/18
  • 09/06/18
  • 23/06/18
  • 07/07/18

Monthly Draw

April’s monthly draw has taken place. Congratulations to the following:

  • Ruby W - 1st £35
  • Mrs Kiley - 2nd £26.25
  • Luca - 3rd £8.75

The draw is open for the Summer Term until Friday 11 May and you can purchase tickets via ParentPay.

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