The Train Ride

#Thomas The tank Engine

Trump LOL

When we arrived at Washington we saw Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton there. Me and mom saw about 100,000 people there. We saw Donald Trump holding a gun and Hillary with her hands in the air. Some people ran away scared and I thought where are the cops? Donald Trump then Randomly said "I will build a great wall." Then Trump shot someone in the audience. NOW everyone ran to the train. But me and mom thankfully made it. The train couldn't hold that many people so it left more than 90% of the people there. As me and mom were in the train people were screaming like CRAZY. Once we got home we starting watching the news to see what happened." Donald Trump has escaped police and hasn't been sighted again" says the reporter. Now me and mom were really scared because he could be anywhere. The next morning i went to have breakfast while mom was watching the news. "Donald Trump has been taken to jail as a police officer caught him." "Also we have reports of the person who was shot is John Cena, who thankfully survived the shot." Later me and mom went shopping for food. As we enter one of the aisles I see Donald Trump! The next second he vanished. I told mom but she said "That's impossible he's in jail." "No seriously I saw him," I replied. But she ignored me. After shopping we went home. My mom starting watching the news again "Reports saying Donald Trump was sighted by a police officer and got caught again!" says the reporter. "How did he escape in the first place?" mom asked me. "How should I know?'' I replied. Later Mom was still watching the news and the reporter says" Mexicans are coming to kill Trump because of the wall he is planning to build." "Also Trump has escaped prison once again.'' In the morning me and mom were watching the news and there is war with some of Trump's men to attack the Mexicans. Mom showed me some of the war that people got on camera. The Mexicans were shooting at the Americans with burritos. Trump said "What type of of war is this?" Then the Mexicans started to shoot them with tacos. Then the Americans started to eat the tacos. But then Americans started to fall to the ground. "HA WE POISONED THEM!" said one of the Mexicans. So all the Americans died, except for Trump. So Trump started to run. Then John Cena R.K.O him out of nowhere. He had got his revenge. And the war was over.

JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Trump woke up in the hospital and said "Where are my friends?" Then John Cena said, "You have friends." Trump is soon going to be executed. "Well That's a shame." I said.


Created with images by Jim, the Photographer - "Thomas the Tank Engine at the Strasburg Railroad" • DonkeyHotey - "Donald Trump- Caricature" • Snerkie - "John Cena" • chefkeem - "dead end street sign road"

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