The Grin In The Dark Author: J.A. Darke By:Jared Phillips

Genre- This book would fall into the scary catagory. It also has just a little bit of mystery i it but not much. Theme- Always call an adult when something suspicious is going on. Setting- In a car with his mom to go baby sit for his aunt while they all go to an auction.

Author Bio- He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. He uses his time to study to become a middle school English Teacher. He loves to eat pizza, play video games, and watching cooking shows on tv. Some of his least favorite things is olives and shoveling snow.

Plot summary- While baby sitting his twin cousins one stormy night, Hamid Abdi sees an alert that a prisoner is on the loose and is nearby. He dosen't think much of it until the twins tell him that a man dressed as a clown has been coming into their bedroom. Still, Hamid thinks the twins are imagining it and puts them back to bed until when Hamid starts seeing and hearing terrifying things as well.

Characters- Hamid- The twins cousins, Ahmed- The boy of the twins, Afifa-The girl of the twins.

Main conflict- The main conflict in this book is there is a criminal on the loose and he eventually makes his way to the house that Hamid is in. There is also a clown in the house that Hamid doesen't realize is real until twords the end of the book. The clown and the criminal know each other somehow and have a confrentation but no one knows what went on because it didn't tell us.

Book evaluation- This is a very great book I would very easily recomend it to anyone it has great story to it and great detail.


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