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The Sydney Opera House’s Digital Learning producer, Tara Smith, said: “To prepare today’s students for the jobs of the future we must first prepare educators. That is what the Schools of the Future Conference is all about and the Sydney Opera House is the perfect place to host these creative conversations.”

CSIRO research indicates 73% of jobs in 2017 will be replaced or significantly disrupted by 2030

Joyce Valenza: Communicate, Collaborate, Create: and think Critically 2012 Perth "Students of today should be creators of ideas, not just consumers of information. Web 2.0 enables students to create, publish, reflect, comment and change their ideas based on connections with others."
The game has changed, and interactive technologies open up an enormous range of opportunities for sharing of information, problem solving and collaboration, and creation of new knowledge. NOW-not just web 2.0 tools
Sketchnote by Andrew On Yi Lai
TED Sketchnotes Sir Ken Robinson-creativity & literacy equal!
https://usergeneratededucation.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/visual-note-taking/ John Medina’s: Vision Trumps All Other Senses)

Valerie Hannon co-founder of the Innovation Unit (UK) Valerie co-founded Innovation Unit and leads Innovation Unit’s international education work. She has supported education change programmes in numerous systems, including the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Africa, and is a founding member and Co-Chair of the Global Education Leaders Partnership (GELP).

Change does need courage Recognise our fears Fear of.. - failure - the norm - freedom - the new - friction with colleagues - loss of familiar

The importance of responsibility for person health for internally thriving. Is nature-deficit disorder impacting our students?


Developing empathy is ever so vital in education moving forward! Robot sex dolls...A sultry voice says ‘touch me’, while your hands touch her warm body. She murmurs and moans and you can fold her legs to all sides. She is a sex robot, and depending on your preferences you can buy her for thousands of dollars from Japanese, US, Korean or Chinese companies.


Thrive argues that, given the real challenges we face in the world today, it is essential we ask what job we want schools to do? What is learning for now? Thrive presents a brilliant case for a new set of purposes for schools, and shows how educators on every continent are transforming learning and learners

How do we motivate? Kevin Brookhouser

Kevin Brookhouser (The20time Project) from the USA was the second keynote.


Kevin shared many of his experiences as an educator in California and his passion for encouraging students to learn to code.

Stephen Harris, Principal of the world renowned and very innovative Northern Beaches Christian School, was the third keynote for day one. What if? Why not?

He shared some of the amazing facilities that he has been able to build to provide NBCC students & teachers with an innovative environment to learn and teach.

He also provided some of his thoughts on where education should be heading in the future.


Learning Spaces in Primary are designed to enable different ways of working.

Each Stage has a variety of options for the way their space is configured, and is particularly mindful of the age of the students and the types of learning that occurs in the space.

Desks and chairs sit alongside sofas, stools, beanbags and ottomans – all designed to move as needed.

Learning Spaces:

replicate real life and professional experience

are transparent and democratised

cater for a diverse variety of users at the same time

are multipurpose, expected to be changed/adapted in the future

facilitate use of technology in a pervasive way

foster positive relationships and community

give users input in the design of furniture and layout

incorporate professional-grade acoustic engineering measures

accommodate changing technology and a multitude of devices

connect as neighbourhoods and precincts across the campus

allow for furniture to be moved around and re-configured

present learning opportunities in the details of the building itself

Our future is uncertain...don't bring certainty to your #FutureFocused design, bring #Flexibility to remove barriers to change #SOHLearning Joachim Cohen‏ @JoachimCohen123 May 6
How narrow is your exposure to #LearningSpaces? @FuturesLearning 'innovation tours' are a redesign must. Joachim Cohen‏ @JoachimCohen123 May 6
It's critical!! A Future Space will be infected by the entrenchment of the past without subsequent Teacher Prof Learning Joachim Cohen‏ @JoachimCohen123 May 6

Tim Kitchen presented a creativity workshop at the end of the first day with a focus on Adobe’s free Spark tools.

All NSW Department of Education school students are eligible to download and install Adobe software onto one personally owned device.

FREE creative cloud tutorials: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/creative-cloud-tutorials/id879536557


Recharge, re-energise, renew, RETHINK teaching & learning! Kat Power @powwow007
2017 Horizon report K-12


Where do you think creativity fits in?


If the image above outline what a future ready librarian is.......

What does a future ready teacher look like?


Tim Kitchen

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