The Scope and Feature of UK and Worldwide Travel Destinations By catalin sima

United Kingdom and Thailand

The UK is a Leading destination situated in the north-west of Europe and it is an island comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. UK is one of the most visited countries in the world, placed at number 8 by the world atlas in 2016.

Thailand is a developing, yet popular, destination located in south-east Asia. Although Thailand is nowhere near as developed as the UK, it still attracts millions of tourists each year, being placed on number 10 by the World Atlas on the most visited countries list.

Physical Features

Thailand has to offer very unique physical features, having over 40 000 Buddhist temples, each unique in its own way, Thailand is one of the few countries which can offer this. One of the main recognised reasons for visiting Thailand is this on its own.

Thailand is also strong when it comes to modern architecture, having skyscrapers, many of which also have unique architectural aspects to them.

The UK also has many iconic and world known buildings, the Big Ben and Buckingham palace being great examples, these alone are very strong reasons to visit the UK, as the history behind and the connection to the royal family, in the case of the Buckingham palace, is rare to find, UK being one of the few monarchies left.

The UK is also home to many castles, all of which have a broad history and heritage behind them, making the UK very unique in this aspect.

Social Characteristics

Socially Thailand shares one big characteristic with the UK, that being the royal family, which is still relevant and plays a big role in the politics of Thailand, this of course is a unique feature. Thailand is also a very religious country, with an estimated of 93% of the population being Theravada Buddhists.

Being an Asian country, Thailand will be very different in terms of culture and values as compared to the western world, this is therefore an important part of why tourists would visit, to experience the difference in culture. These differences will also be in terms of food, traditions and general behaviour.

One of UK's most visited attraction is the Buckingham palace, this is mainly due to its connection to the royal family, The Buckingham palace attracts around 15 million tourists each year.

The UK also has a mixture of both heritage and modern night life, which is really big in cities such as London.


Thailand is considered a constitutional monarchy, with the prime minister as the head of government, in the recent years there has been some political instability, with riots and a coup which took place in 2014. Today Thailand does not suffer from any political unrest.

The UK works in a similar fashion to Thailand, as the prime minister is also the head of the Government, compared to Thailand UK has always been more stable from a political point of view, this is mainly thanks to the fact that the UK is a developed country.

Economic Influences

The UK has a strong and stable economy, the World Bank estimates the the current GDP of the UK is 2,858 trillion us dollars. Britain is far away from economic collapse, and is in a stable point, however, Brexit has slowly decreased the value of the pound, this is of course bad for the people living in the UK, but could potentially make the UK cheaper, when taking into consideration the exchange rates, this can increase the general appeal to the UK.

Thailand is rising, economically speaking, the estimated GDP by the world bank is of 455 billion Us dollars. The economy of Thailand is expected to grow by 3.2% this year, one advantage of The currency is that it is cheap to buy Thai baht , 1 GBP being worth 44.18 thb.

Issues Affecting the Popularity and Appeal

Thailand still struggles with poverty in some areas, as well as prostitution, which many tourists will regard as reason enough not to visit. the political situation in Thailand is also considered unpredictable, considering the recent death of the King, this can further add to the issue. Crime is also relatively high in Thailand, and tourists are often victims of pick pocketing. Thailand is also high on terrorism threat, On 14 August 2016, 2 unexploded incendiary devices were found in Phuket and a further 2 in Hua Hin.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the UK is the weather, which is unpredictable and really unpleasant at times. in the past years floods have been present, especially in the northern side of the UK. The UK can also be expensive, especially for people from countries which do not have the Euro as their currency, mostly countries in Eastern Europe, this can either limit, or stop a part of the market from visiting altogether.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • UK Strengths and Weakness
  • Strong Image
  • Diverse Social and Cultural aspects
  • English speakers
  • Has both man-made and natural features
  • Weather can be unpredictable
  • Can be expensive
  • Brexit
  • Thailand Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Rich Culture and Heritage
  • Unique Architechture
  • Unique Natural Features
  • Cheap
  • Can be unsafe
  • Government not as stable
  • Harder to Create Sustainable Tourism

Appeal to the Destinations

Both countries have unique features which could appeal to different types of customers. to start off with the similarities, both the UK and Thailand have a royal family, along with unique structures, castles for the UK, and palaces for Thailand. Thailand is located in Asia, which can be a problem for tourists that do not want to travel that far, on the other hand the UK is much easier to be reached by other European countries. The safety of the UK is higher than that of Thailand, the UK is more developed, and has lower crime rates, and generally is considered safer, alongside with that, Thailand also has a lot of political uncertainties, and also instability, something which the UK does not have, if we do not take Brexit into consideration.

Responsible Tourism in Thailand

Considering that Thailand is a developing country, we should try to assure that the economic benefits which would come from our tourists should be maximise, this can be done through various steps, mainly we would have to employ local people, and make sure that they get payed what they work for, this can lead to the multiplier effect, which aims at keeping the money into the economy of the host country. Buddhist temples are amongst the most popular attractions, however, many of those temples are actually used by Buddhists, we should pick carefully where we recommend our tourists to visit, and also try to educate them on the matter, naturally, high influxes of tourists would disturb the Buddhist, and on the long run create resentment.

Why Thailand

Thailand is slowly developing, and it brings in over 25 million tourists each year, considering how unique the country is, there is a big market which is open for us to use. also, considering that we are based in the UK, and most of our customers are People from the UK, and the popularity of Domestic Holidays is low, Thailand would definitely be a better pick.


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