Love & disappointment By Yosef mebrahtom

In the poem "My Picture Left In Scotland " By Ben Jonson the poet talked about how people choose to hear only if they like what they see. In the first sentence it says "I now think that love is rather deaf than blind". It also says "I'm sure my language to her was as sweet". And continues to say "my hundred of gray hairs, told seven and forty years , My mountain belly and rocky face ; and all these through her eyes have stoped her ear". This is saying that even though he is nice and sweet she won't hear him because of his appearance

"My Picture Left in Scotland"


In the poem "Hole" by Quraysh Ali Lansana the poet talked about a women that broke up with her partner. In the second stanza it says " I don't want to see his wife because I know that she is me". This means that she doesn't want to see his new wife because she is just like the last stanza it said " if he makes without me now I can make do lord I can make do".in this stanza the poet is trying to say that if the man could get on with his life without her that she can get on with her life


By Quraysh Ali Lansana

In the poem "When I Was Fair And Young" By Queen Elizabeth I the queen talked about when she was young and use to reject men who wanted her.she says that she made a lot of people cry by rejection in the first sentence in the second stanza " how many weeping eyes I made to pine in woe".In the third stanza she talked about what Venus' son said to win her over."you dainty dame, for that you be so coy, I will so pluck your plumes as you shall say no more: Go, go, go, seek some other where, importuned me no more. After he said that she said "As soon as he has said, such change grew in my breast that neither night nor day I could take a rest". This is saying that she fell for venus's son because of what he said to her.

When I Was Fair And Young

By Queen Elizabeth I

In the poem "The Passionate Shepherd To His Love" by Christopher Marlowe the poet write about a shepherd asking his love to come to the country to live with him. In the poem he writes "Come live with me and be my love, And we will all the pleasures prove". This means that he said if she comes with him then he will make her happy. In the poem the shepherd keeps on telling her how happy he could make her. In the third stanza it reads "And I will make thee beds of roses, And a thousand fragrant posies". In the last stanza the shepherd says "If these delights thy mind may move, Then live with me, and be my love. This means that he asked her if she liked all the sweet things he stayed then to come with him to be him love.

The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

By Christopher Marlowe

In the poem "The Nymph's Reply to The Shepherd" by Sir Walter Ralegh the poet reply to the poem"The Passionate Shepherd To His Love" by Christopher Marlowe. In the poem it talked about if love could last even if it did could youth last. In the poem it says "And all the worlds and love were young, And in every shepherd's tongue". This means that if we could live forever and what he says is completely true then she will be his love. The nymph also says "but could youth last, and love still breed, Had joys no date, nor age no need". This is saying that she rejects because youth could never last.


The Nymph's Reply to The Shepherd

by Sir Walter Ralegh

In the poem"The Spider And The Ghost Of The Fly" by Vachel Lindsay the poet talks about a "fly" that loved a "spider". In the poem it says "She ate my wings and gloated". This mean the person loved another, but the other person hurt him. It also says "My ghost came back to haunt her, I saw her eat my heart". This means that loved her but she broke his heart. This connects to my topic of love and disappointment because the fly loved the spider, But the spider ended up breaking his heart

The Spider And The Ghost Of The Fly

by Vachel Lindsay

In the poem "If No One Ever Marries Me" by Laurence alma-tadema the poet talks about if no one ever marries them. It says "if no one ever marries me I shan't mind very much; I shall buy a squirrel in a cage, And a little rabbit-hutch". This means that they won't care if no one marries them and they would just get something else for them to love.this poem connects with my topic of love and disappointment because the speaker doesn't expect anyone to marry them.

"If No One Ever Marries Me"

by Laurence alma-tadema


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