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District Wide Discussion Boards

Below you will find a list of available district Google Classrooms to be used as a discussion board and a platform to share and ask for information. The settings allow for you to both post and comment as you please in each classroom. Please join the classes that pertain to you. If you would like a class added to this list or created please let anyone on the Teaching and Learning Team know and we will be happy to make that happen.

Moby Max Updates is a district-wide purchased program that specializes in personalized learning through an online platform. The program has been widely updated since being first introduced several years ago.

Moby Max has added Phonics! This new curriculum uses interactive manipulatives and automatic read-aloud sound to help students master letter sounds, segmenting, blending, and spelling.

Phonics Sounds introduces students to consonant and vowel sounds with direct instruction, practice, and focused speed drills.

Phonics Blending teaches students to blend sounds together with a list of more than 4,000 words.

Phonics Spelling quizzes students on spelling words, re-teaching them the words that they miss with drag-and-drop manipulatives.

Spelling Lists allows students to practice spelling thousands of Moby words. You can even create word lists of your own!

New Favorite Tech Tool - ADOBE SPARK

  • It's Free
  • Google Sign On Capable
  • Makes Great Teacher & Student Presentations

Adobe Page: (This Newsletter is an example)

Great for student and teacher presentations, would make a great way to create an assignment for students, newsletters for parents, or a continuing writing piece. The link is always the same so you can edit the content but never have to change the link or qr code. You can add images, text, embed videos, and create buttons. It can be shared with a link or embedded.

Adobe Post

This is a sample of a simple Adobe post I created for Instagram and Twitter, Adobe Post would make a great toll for creating social media posts as a teacher or posters as a student.

Adobe Video

If you would like to see any of these tools up close please let me know, I will be more than happy to come to your classroom and share.

Krista Jackson • Technology Integration Specialist •

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