My Art Process Sound&Color

I really liked working with watercolors during my last self portrait. I needed to jazz it up a little so I added the space background, similar to another previous study drawing.
First, I start with a circle and some facial outlines just to to figure out the proportions I want. Then I start sketching out the details that are in the second picture.
I usually start with the eyes or the nose or the lips when I paint. Those are the features I find most interesting to work on so I suppose I'm just impatient.
I really enjoy doing hair with watercolors. I feel like I can really get fine details with the tiny brushes I have. Getting the hair right is important because it really shapes the face.
Backgrounds are a little tricky because they can either draw complement your main image of distract from it.
What's a galaxy without some stars? I faded my hair into the background a bit to help it all blend together. Viola!
I was feeling sleepy when I drew myself out for this project, can you tell?
I don't know why, but I really really wanted to have stars in my hair .
I draw I a lot of my inspiration from music. I get a lot of visuals when I listen to music because I do a lot of my listening in bed while I go to sleep.
I was in bed a couple weeks ago, and Sound and Color by The Alabama Shakes came on and this was the image I got in my head.

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