Rights and Ethics Lady samantha - jane wilson - skivington and naomi Allan the dutchess of dalmellington

He previously lifted images of a range of different women from their own Instagram accounts. He enlarged the photos and then added a few comments and emojis before selling the work as his own, sometimes for as much as $100000. Prince has even magnified to win court cases filed against him due to ruling that state princes works to be "Transformative and thus fair use".

Tyler Shields, some say Hollywoods best photographer and others say he plagiarises other peoples work.

Photograph One - Right hand side original photograph by Henry Leutwyler.

Photograph Two - Original Photograph by Helmut Newton

Photograph Three - Original Photograph by Stills from Moby's "We Are All Made of Stars" video, 2002.

Is it ok to steal or copy someone's image and ideas? Quote by Lady SJWS " well, morally naw, I windny say its right to dae that, but if the law says its okay, I would do it in a heartbeat, $175000, would you do it?" Author declined to comment.

Are there acceptable situations? "Acceptable? it would be acceptable if he was giving the money to charity but he's no really, he's putting the money in his pocket and running. He is also denying it.".

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