My Culture Claire Rios

Culture identity: Culture identity in my opinion is where you come from and how it affects your lifestyle and the way you live whether its food, music, art, or dancing.

The culture I most identify with is the Costa Rican culture.

This is a volcano is Alajuela named Poas

This is the city of Alajuela.

This is one of the islands, Tortuga Island, in the main city of Costa Rica, San Jose.

This is the city of San Jose.

My family mostly grew up in cities named Alajuela and San Jose in Costa Rica

Currently in Costa Rica, there are five native languages that are still being used in the population, all languages belonging to the Chibcha language. The five languages are: Maleku, Cabecar, Bribri, Guaymi, and Buglere.

Some typical physical characteristics that people have in Costa Rica are, dark/light brown hair, brown eyes and a medium tone of skin, height isn't a typical characteristic on the other hand.

A famous typical breakfast in Costa Rica is Gallo Pinto; which is rice and black beans mixed together, fried or scrambled eggs, fried plantains, and a tortilla. A lunch meal is a Casado which includes white rice, beans, plantains, picadillo ( which is ground beef and potatoes), salad and some type of meat (chicken, fish, pork, or beef.) A dinner is also Gallo pinto, it can be eaten as any meal. A dessert Flan or tres leches.

Most art in Costa Rica is either mosaics or very detailed paintings/drawings.

Most music in Costa Rica is salsa, cumbia, Costa Rican swing, merengue, and soca.

Works cited: Parents and Grand Parents

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