Good Luck, Guilford College Class of 2018!

This spring, Guilford is graduating another distinguished class of difference-makers.

Our graduates know what it means to live out Guilford’s seven Core Values in their everyday lives. They are exceptionally prepared to lead a world of change. Congratulations, Class of 2018. The future is in good hands, and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Molecule, Molecool

Darby Kozan '18, Biology major, Chemistry minor, destined for Johns Hopkins Ph.D. program.

"They shape you and mold you into a scientist that people recognize."

A Mission to Help

Mara Stewart, Health Sciences and Sociology and Anthropology double major

Wanting to be treated like an individual and hoping to travel, Mara Stewart ’18 chose Guilford. It’s paid off — and she’s paying it forward. She'll soon travel to Botswana with the Peace Corps.

Keeping It Civil

Bill McGowan, Peace and Conflict Studies major, Environmental Studies minor

Bill McGowan ’17, a December graduate, spent his internship at Osborn Conflict Resolution learning lawyers don’t always like to argue.

High-Yield Education

Julian Humes '18, Business Administration, Biology minor, completing an internship at Mass Mutual.

"The experiences I’ve had here with my peers, the administration, my teachers — all those experiences combined have really prepared me for the professional world."

Stories Yet Untold

Beatriz Caldas '18, English major, minors in French and Communications, 2017-2018 Editor-in-Chief of The Guilfordian, is headed to journalism school at City University of New York.

"What Guilford has done for me is give me all the tools that I need to go out into the world and be successful — as a journalist and as a person."

Belong and Be You

Sarah Sedaghat, Exercise Science and Health Science double major
"When I visited Guilford, I saw the sense of community, the push for social justice and the intimate education. I knew that this was where I belonged."

Sarah Sedaghat ’18 will barely take a break after graduation. She's headed to East Carolina University's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Read this Q&A with a future physical therapist.

Grab Coffee Sometime

Hank Groon, English and Media Studies major, Philosophy minor
"There’s nothing that can’t be solved with perseverance, hard work, a helping hand, a great adviser and lots of your choice of caffeinated drink."

Hank Groon ’18 is heading to UNC Chapel Hill for the relative quiet of a master's in library science once the madness of finals dies down.

Unapologetically Authentic

Alyssa Horton, Health Sciences and Biology double major
"Be unapologetically you! Everyone is interesting and has value, regardless of what you think of yourself."

Alyssa Horton ’18 says Guilford taught her how to be herself, even when it’s challenging. She'll attend High Point University's Physician Assistant Studies program. Read this Q&A from your future PA.

French Fusion

Danika Gottbrecht, French and International Studies major, German minor
"It’s a running joke in my German family that I was actually born to French parents — that there was some kind of accident at the hospital, and by one way or another, I was mistakenly given to the Germans."

Honors Program graduate Danika Gottbrecht ’18 was recently awarded a Fulbright Grant! She'll soon board a plane for Germany! Check out her study abroad experience, where she enjoyed a fusion of French and German cultures near the border of the two European countries.

New Confidence, Same Passion

Marimar Mantuano '18, Psychology major, Education Studies minor and Bonner Scholar, will head back to The Bronx to teach while also pursuing graduate school.

"My Guilford experience wouldn't be the same without Bonner. The Bonner House is so rich in culture, and that's where I feel comfortable, but also challenged to try new things."

Fighting for Freedom

Judia "JuJu" Holton, Community and Justice Studies major, Social Psychology minor, 2018 Student Commencement Speaker
"I believe in the power of community to grow real knowledge of the issues people face. I believe in its power to challenge structures of oppression, its power to grow value systems of worth and dignity for all people."

2018 Student Commencement Speaker, Judia "JuJu" Holton '18 will spend three weeks peace-building in Rwanda, then head to City University in New York for a fellowship at the Participatory Action Research Institute.

Putting It Into Practice

Kelly Martin, Exercise and Sport Science major, Education Studies minor

Honors Program graduate and recipient of the Charles A. Dana Scholarship, Kelly Martin '18 interned at the physical therapy clinic that helped her heal from a knee injury. She'll soon apply to physical therapy schools to continue paying it forward.

Great Collaborators

Wesley Harrison '18, Computing Technology and Information Systems major, Math minor, found an education tailored to his desire to work as a software engineer while going to school.

"My Guilford Edge was the learning environment. The small class sizes allowed professors to be really hands-on — you really built a rapport with them."

Congrats, Grads!


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