Morocco By Kevin H. AND seBastian d.

Morocco clothing- Traditional Moroccan clothing is a looser fit. Women mainly were long dresses and Djellaba's and men don't were a surtain clothing but they mostly wear loose fitting clothes.

"Clothing in Morocco." , Accessed November 29 2016.

Religion/belief system- The main religion is Sunni Islam they prey 5 times a day. They pray to Allah. Allah means the one god.

Religious beliefs in moracco. Spain exchange country guide, 12-12-2016

Laugage and greetings- the main lauaguage in Moracco is Arabic. The greetings in Moracoo are very similar to the greeting in American. Examples- shaking hands or saying "Hi." Language. In Moracoo, accessed 12-12-2016

Holidays In Moracoo- Moracoo has a very long list of holidays. Some holidays they celebrate are New years and youth day.

Holidays in moracco. Time and, Accesed 12-12-2016

Entertainment- sports played are skiing, riding, soccer, fishing, water sports, and golf. Music in morocco is a very big part of there culture there is around 5 diffrent types of music.

Spots and music in, accessed 12-12-2016

Moroccan food- In Morocco people eat a veridy of different meats. Morracan food is also known for there varying of different spices and spices

Helen,Ranger. Good food.Top 10foods to try in Morocco, acessed 12-1-2016

GOVERMENT- The Moroccan goverment has three main branches. Those branches are Executive, Legistative, and judicial.The head of the goverment in the kind and the prime minister.

Globule Moracco goverment, accused 12-13-2016

Famous architecture- Morocco has many famous English buildings and tourist attractions. The most famous building is the Djamaa Effna. It is a entertainment center. Common performances are snake charming and magic. Famous architecture, . Accessed 12-13-2016.


Education- in Morocco the are different levels you attend. At the primary level you go to at a younger age, Kinda like our elementary. Them comes the middle level which is just like our middle school. After you complete this levels comes secondary and that is after you complete eye the first two levels. A lot of kids do not attend the secondary level because they have to help with family.

Class ForeignCredets, Accessed 12-13-2016,

Jobs- Alot of jobs in Morocco involve architecture. Some other jobs are mining and construction. Currently Morocco is having and increase in unemployment. Currently about 10% of Morocco people are unemployed.

Our Africa. Educanton and jobs, accessed 12-13-2016.

Enviorment/weather - In Moracco it is mainly a hot and dry climate.the temperature can be very hot witch can lead to bad soil. And bad soil means bad crops, and not having quality crops can effect there life tremendously.

Moracco. Human enviorment interaction, Accessed 12-13-2016


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