Florida Museum of Natural History Yael Levy

Nature on Display- I found the frog exhibit very appealing because of the large variety of species they displayed. The room itself was dark but each frog environment was lit up so you automatically focused only on them. I love animals so being able to see this exotic animals, which I normally would not have the chance to in the wild, was very exciting. Each enclosure allowed a 180 degrees view of the frogs, enabling me to get different view of each of them.
Nature and Ethics- This Native American exhibit provided me with the exact opportunity that Leopold suggested. The Native Americans have always been conservationists, they appreciate nature and have a great respect for it, thus explaining why they have always tried to protect it. As I walked through the museum, I felt happy to be immersed into exhibits of the natural world and felt a greater respect towards nature. I think other people acted in similar ways with feelings of awe but overall I believe each individual feels their own personal connection. This exhibit specifically had the greatest ethical impact on me and gave me that feeling to take action to conserve our environment, as Leopold promoted.
The Butterfly Garden, in particular, allowed us to physically step out of our normal daily spaces into a beautiful garden with butterflies, flowers, and even waterfalls. By stepping into such a serene place, for a moment you forget about your worries and solely find yourself admiring the pristine nature around you. It helps us better understand what is important to us in life and makes you truly admire the nature around you, that we tend to subconsciously ignore.

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