Lions by remi

Lions are mostly found on the savannah but the can be found in other habitats like in a woodland or a desert.


Lions are carnivores.

Lions need 5kg of meat a day but males need 7kg a day.

These beautiful creatures are hunted for Chinese medicine that doesn't even work.

There fur is good for camouflage against prey.

Lions have fur round their neck so when they are fighting they are protected so they don't hurt their neck.

Lions can weigh up to 272kg.

Lions are the only big cat that travels in groups which is called a pride and they have about 12-16 lions in a pride.


Did you know that because of poaching there are 20000 wild lions remaining? The illegal trade is turning to lions. Because of poaching the amount of wild lions is decreasing.

twin cubs

Did you know that when cubs are born they have brown rosettes on their fur but wear off as they get older?

Lion cubs live on milk, they get their first piece of meat after 50 days.

Did you know that lions are the biggest member of the cat family?

The female lions hunt while the men guard the cubs, male lions eat before any body else does and they need more. There are 2-5 males in a pride.

A lion cubs paw is big for its size.

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