Scour the cases and secure the best rosé possible at a locals wine joint.

The first piece of the cheeseboard puzzle is put together in a deli above the rest.

Discover the wide stinky varieties of cheeses you didn't know existed at a tiny fungal gem.

Picnic at the polo fields with your beautifully constructed cheeseboard.

Will Rogers was a fascinating man. Born in Indian Territory of Oklahoma in 1879 his massive personality and horse riding skills would lead him to Hollywood glory.
Stop 1

Accouterment #1: The Perfect Bottle of Wine

• 12:15pm to 12:30pm •

How does the old saying go? Don’t judge a wine store by it’s cover? It’s easy to miss the simple words WINE and EXPO adorning the wall of this SM Blvd strip mall as you begin your cheeseboard scavenger hunt. After passing into the humble cave like Wine Expo you realize it’s contents are far more complex than it's façade. Toni, the on site sommelier, happily walks you past rows of stacked cases of wines you’ve never seen nor can pronounce. After discussing the “days plans” you’re quickly handed a perfect light white or rose to match the good times. With bottle, or two, in hand you exit out to the strip mall one step closer to your destiny: all the meat you could ever handle.

Stop 2

Accouterment #2: Cured Meats from the Masters

• 12:35pm to 1pm •

You pull up to the back alley of this deli not knowing what gorgeous goods are inside. Easily sliding into the main hall’s melee of activity of school kids scarfing down massive sandwiches, soccer moms deciding on their weekend BBQ treat and the deli staff seasoning, chopping and wrapping the beautifully butchered cuts you realize why they call this place A Cut Above. A bright ACA staffer calls for your attention as you zone out on the rows of cured selections. Staring you in the face is house cured bresaola and pastrami along with spicy soppressata and beautifully marbled capicola. The choice is impossible so you get a ¼ lb. of each of em. After being thinly sliced and gorgeously wrapped you’re all set for your next destination…the gooey stinky goodness.

Stop 3

Accouterment #3: A Cheese Legend Brings It All Together

• 1:15pm to 1:45pm •

Walking around the corner onto Montana Ave you’re not prepared to discover this hidden gem that’s been waiting for you your entire LA life. Upon your first step into Andrew's Cheese Shop you’re eyes either race up to the sky high stack of elixirs to the left or down to the incredible layers and textures of cheeses to your right. Regardless, the friendly namesake of the joint calls to you in excitement and curiosity in order to fulfill your palette and, pretty much, your destiny. You explain to him the last hour, your accouterments and completely forget which wine Toni suggested. (Have no fear, Toni and Andrew go way back.) Opening counters and pulling out multiple blocks of the good good Andrew chops, wraps and educates you on the milk based adventure you’re about to have. With the stinkiness in hand you gratefully exit in a whirlwind of cheesy excitement. But don’t hesitate too much. The first chucker begins in about 15 minutes.

Stop 4

Accouterment #4: The Polo Fields

• 2pm til you've finished your cheeseboard •

The winding road up to Will Rogers Polo Club puts you in a trance while removing you from the city grind of only a few minutes ago. After paying the parking toll you’re instantly taken back by the massive polo field adorning the landscape. You decide to set up camp atop the tiny hill close to the far goal posts, that way when the actions on your end you’re really in it. As you prepare your cheeseboard the first chucker begins. The teams of horses gallop past connecting their mallets to ball with utmost precision while you connect gruyere, pastrami, and fig at an alarming rate. It’s difficult to closely follow the match when the goods of the board are so incredibly delicious but the excitement of the game continues to suck you back in. As the layers of meat and stacks of cheese slowly dwindle to paper and rind the final minutes of the match wind down. It’s really impossible to know who won the match but in your heart of hearts the real winners stand out as the ones who indulged on the goodness known as The Cheeseboard.




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