HedgeFundManager BY matthew moore

A few professional words that you can use as a hedge fund manager are, Stock vehicles,stocks and bonds, percentile,generated, leveraged, and optimized.

A quick description of the job a hedge fund manager must fulfill. The job of a hedge fund manager is fairly straight forward and consists of only a few different requirements. These requirements which make consist of staying awake long hours to keep an eye on the stock market to ensure none of the hedge funds vehicles have crashed. Another job aspect is finding the best stocks to create a vehicle out of and research the company or resource that specific stock.

Three colleges that offer a degree in finance are, university of Pennsylvanian, Boston college, and Bentley University. The average tuition cost is around $60,000 for a hedge fund manager but this can differentiate based on how long you go to a college for, the recommended degree is masters but you can still get the job with a 4 year degree. The average starting salary ranges from $500,000 up to $2.4 million this can be lower or higher based on the size of the hedge fund you are managing is and how well you are managing the fund. The job growth percentage for a hedge fund manager was about 8% from 2014 to 2015.

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