Phones Should be Used By: Beatriz Barreto

At EARJ the middle schoolers can't use their phones during school hours because they are not allowed to. This rule started 4 years ago. This rule makes the students more tempted to use their phones, just because they are not allowed to.

High Schoolers have privileges and one of them is being able to use phones. the principal only confiscates middle school phones. Camila was using her phone and saw Andrea walking by. Luckily a 9th grader was standing right next to her. Camila quickly shoved her phone in the 9th graders hand and the principal walked by and didn't say anything.

According to the survey that the 8th graders from EARJ, 83.3% of the 36 students think that the phone policy isn't fair.

According to Greg Howard, a Principal at Liberty Christian Academy, "We’ve seen how having mobile devices in school has helped CyberBully Hotline clients address bullying, fighting, and more, and these kinds of benefits are simply too valuable to ignore."

Clara was using her phone. Her mom was sick and clara wanted to talk to her to see if she was ok because when she left to go to school, her mom had a fever. Clara was on the phone with her mom when the assistant principal came from behind her and confiscated her phone, only her phone. There were all the other high schoolers were doing much more than talking on the phone with their mom, they were on snapchat, instagram, facebook, etc. The phone policy is really unfair because middle schoolers have less rights. The teachers always says that the 8th graders should act like high schoolers, and do work highschoolers do, but they are not allowed to have the same rights as them.

the principal and the vice principal goes around school during lunch and brunch making sure that they don't see any phones. One day Hanna had her phone inside her backpack in the front pocket, but she took it out to put something in her bag, so she handed it to a friend. the vice principal came and confiscated her phone because it was outside of her backpack. The phone was off and it was clear that they weren't using the phone. the vice principal kept the phone during the day, but at the end of the day Hanna went to the middle school office and demanded she had to get her phone back.

Technology has come so far, nobody want's to take a step back.

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Beatriz Barreto

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