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Artist Statement

My work reflects me and the way I see the world as if it were a mirror. This is truly an art. I mainly shoot street and landscape photography. I sometimes shoot astro and portrait photography. Focusing on aesthetics; movements; and minimalism, aiming to relax you, the viewers eye. I'm inspired by using the location of objects and natural lighting as strategic as possible. The camera is only an extension to my eye and visual prowess. Sparking inspiration and new ideas to you the viewer.


This photo is one of my first attempts of shooting astrophotography. For being an amateur astrophotographer I'm very proud of this photo. It may seem like sun rise, but this was actually shot in a pitch black field. Aperture: 4.5, Shutter: 01:20, ISO:128000
This piece was intentionally a long exposure shot. The streets of the Las Vegas strip are always packed. I love how abstract and different this photo is. Aperture: 4.8, Shutter: 40, ISO: 1600
This candid moment of my sister eating pizza fulfills my life with joy. I just love creating photos at random moments. I would consider this one of my best street photography shots. Though the warmth is a little too high for me. Aperture: 8, Shutter: 80, ISO: 400
This is a photo captured in an elevator that had just the most perfect lighting. The textured chrome walls were just reflecting light beautifully. Aperture: 5.8, Shutter: 1/60, ISO: 1600
This photo was inspired from minimalistic/architecture photography. Aperture: 8, Shutter: 100, ISO: 1600
This photo was inspired by architecture photography. I really like how the pillars give the sky this natural/unnatural framing. Aperture: 8, Shutter: 120, ISO: 800
Using shadows to my advantage. Aperture: 8, Shutter: 80, ISO: 800
The sky inside the Venetian. You get sunset at any time of day. Aperture: 10, Shutter: 80, ISO: 1600

INfluential photographer


This class has really helped me grow not only as a photographer, but an artist. I've had previous experience with photography. Taking this class was a really great refresher for me. I learned different photography and editing techniques that will most definitely benefit me in the future for my photography career dreams. Hopefully it will turn from a dream into reality. If there were any chance I could become your apprentice or shadow you Mr. Wayrynen the knowledge I would obtain would be life changing. But even as of now you have really affected my life positively.


All photos done by me, A.J. Pech

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